Does your marketing interest outweigh the privacy Romania Phone Number interest of your employee? This can turn out differently in different situations. You can imagine that the privacy interest of an employee is above your wish to send a calendar with a team photo on it, but that when you post photos of employees in Romania Phone Number action on your company website, your marketing interest is sufficiently justified. Do you have any doubts?

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Beginning Of The Complexity

It wouldn’t hurt to have a lawyer take a look. Also keep in mind that employees ask for permission prior to sending that calendar, do not just indemnify you. This is because the legislator assumes that such consent is not freely give. After all, your employees have a dependency relationship with  you and your company. For example, out of fear of missing out on a promotion or even a contract extension, employees may feel compelled to give consent without really supporting it. Golden tip.

Safety The Eternal Trade-off

Ensure clarity about copyright in advance Romania Phone Number Prevention is always better than cure. Make sure you have clear in advance what the business photographer gives you permission for in the license. Then you won’t be surprised afterward that you have a collection of beautiful images in the cloud, which you can’t use as you had in mind. As a business photographer, for example, I use the Romania Phone Number standard license that the use of the image is for an indefinite period and only within the Benelux.

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