Compound Words Here again we Solomon Islands Email List advancing influence of English. In Dutch you often write combinations together . If you don’t, you run the risk of changing the meaning. A central bank president is different from a central bank Slovakia Email List president. So write things like administrative burden, below average earner, green energy certificate, half-year figures, internal market considerations, short term strategy, long-term average, twenty euro note, foreign currency credits and free market forces from now on just together. And don’t be Slovakia Email List fooled by Word’s spell checker, which all too often disapproves of this type of compound. 📊5. Percentages The government debt amounted to 49.3 percent of GDP in the third quarter: 1.6 percent less than the 50.9 percent of the second quarter. To indicate an absolute difference between percentages, use the term percentage point.

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The difference between two percent Slovakia Email List and three percent is one percentage point. The difference between 49.3 percent and 50.9 percent is 1.6 percentage points. The good reader will notice that I write the word percent in full. Save the % sign for sums.   The BNR Error Business Nieuws Radio (BNR) is a great radio station for Solomon Islands Email List people in the Netherlands, but the presenters are almost all addicted to the use of plural verbs where singular verbs are appropriate. Accell sees a future in leasing private bicycles. Remarkable, because they have been doing business leasing for some time. Accell is a company (singular), so it has Slovakia Email List been doing it for some time. The BNR error is increasingly jumping over to written business texts.

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It is related to the Dutch hair Solomon Islands Email List The Dutch Hair Disease The Dutch hair disease is a classic: the Dutch have a knack for choosing the feminine variant of possessive pronouns in the third person. And that is also painfully visible in financial and economic reports. It is the company (o) and its annual profit, the multinational (m) and its Slovakia Email List subsidiaries, the price (m) and its bandwidth. 👨‍💻8. After all After all, the know-it-all nephew of namely. After all, it comes across as incredibly pedantic. As if the reader already knows or should know what has been described. Nevertheless, we could not yet speak of a clear trend break in 2019. After all, the export Slovakia Email List balance from Eastern Europe increased by 9.7%.

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