The Hague Central’. Unlike in Wallis and Futuna Islands Email List  and on , te is a very formal preposition. You never spontaneously put it in your mouth. You were born ‘in’ (not ‘in’) Maastricht, you work ‘in’ (not ‘in’) Amsterdam. At all times, secondly, for Cayman-Islands Email List consideration: only in older expressions, with cases and all, does the preposition ‘te’ have a right to exist in your texts. ‘Te’ is the opposite of lively language: thus made up te, deceased te. Let’s bury ‘too’! (For the avoidance of doubt, there’s nothing wrong with ‘good to read’, ‘starting to Cayman-Islands Email List understand’ and ‘a great house for sale’.) catch How do you catch yourself using such words? By reading what you write out loud, while writing or afterwards. Bet you never use ‘however’ and ‘if’ in a spontaneous conversation?

That for That Word

It always becomes ‘but’ and ‘if’. Sounds better Wallis and Futuna Islands Email List reads better, so write down those common words instead of their formal counterparts. Strong written language is similar to colloquialism: a fluent written text contains as few typical Wallis and Futuna Islands Email List written words as possible. If there are two options, choose what sounds best when you say it. Because you often ‘hear’ a text you read in your head, you don’t falter with ‘that’ and with ‘this’ (a little). Enjoy reading? Less ‘this’. ‘However’ and ‘her’? Prefer ‘their’ and ‘but’. There are still Cayman-Islands Email List dozens of those stiff, old-fashioned words that spoil your text: already, yet, furthermore, also, through, concerning, should, which, again. Fortunately, they are less common than the six cases above and are therefore more noticeable.

Dutch Acting

Every reason to defeat those dragons Wallis and Futuna Islands Email List too. You can find alternatives at Onze Taal . Powerful language: this is how you do it Will you avoid these 6 deadly sins from now on? And do you want more tips and handles to write Cayman-Islands Email List stronger texts? We’ve bundled our best online writing and copywriting courses into one online course package. 5 courses, including writing for social media and optimizing SEO texts. Knowing more? Read 80 comments Others also read Earn money with your idea? 10 tips for start-ups 4 tips to improve your local Cayman-Islands Email List work with the limited space you get. In addition, you need to stand out among the thousands of advertisements from your competitors.

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