Disqus is a comment platform used for users to interact with publishers and especially with other readers. Although Facebook is the most widely used social network today, Americans have been having fun with Disqus for more than a decade. Erico Mafra Mar 4, 20 | 9 min read how disqus works Keeping your audience engaged with the content of your blog (especially if it is in WordPress ) is essential for your strategy to generate more business for your company. Therefore, motivating comments is one of the actions that the writing team must take.

WordPress may seem incomplete to you and you wonder about the advantages of using another tool. Therefore, today we are going to talk about one of the most efficient specialized comment platforms out there: Disqus . A service that understands that Honduras WhatsApp Number List the comment field of a blog can be as efficient and dynamic as it is in social networks . If you are looking for this dynamism for your blog, continue reading this article to know everything about Disqus. What is Disqus? If we asked you to mention which social network is the most used in the United States, you would probably respond to Facebook. Correct! But in the distant year of 2006, Americans had a lot of fun using Disqus.

In fact, people were browsing their favorite websites and using this tool to interact with publishers and, more importantly, other readers. All this success made its developers improve its functionality, making it more and more efficient. While most web designers understood the comment field as a site where the reader simply gives their opinion on what they see, on Disqus they saw the potential of using it for Digital Marketing . What are the advantages of Disqus? The first of them we have mentioned previously: the experience that the system has developed in relation to the systems that already existed, which makes it more efficient than other plugins in various segments . But, in addition, there are other advantages. Feedback system in the comment Have you ever come across an unpleasant comment on the internet, right? So-called haters attack people, swear, and even commit crimes such as insult and defamation in the comment fields of websites and blogs. For many companies, it is impractical for one person to manage these messages.

For this reason, Disqus has a rating system that makes users say whether a comment is good or bad. The up vote and down vote system causes a comment rated as bad to remain postponed to the bottom of the message list, disappearing from the sight of new readers and making the best comments stand out. This motivates the community of readers to improve the quality of their comments, as everyone wants their messages to stand out on the platform. At the same time, bad comments are naturally hidden, without the site administrator having to worry about reading each message. This concept was inspired by Reddit, a social network that values ​​the quality of the messages exchanged by users. Since 2018 Facebook has tried to implement this system in Latin America, however, we still cannot know if this idea has worked in this social network.

The preferred system of North American companies Can you imagine how many celebrity comments news sites get every minute? Major portals such as TMZ and Entertainment chose Disqus as their comment management system. In addition to them, the US television network ABC, the largest in the world, also uses this tool. They are obviously not the only ones. Every month, more than 50 million comments are made on the platform, in more than 191 countries. There are more than 17 billion monthly visits to the page. Social integration Starting to use the tool is easy, since it can be integrated with different Social Media platforms , such as Facebook, Twitter or other platforms, such as Google. If the user does not want to log in this way, they can create an account on Disqus, which is also simple. Encouragement to engagement Each user can bookmark the other in the comment, similar to Twitter and Facebook. This causes people to have longer conversations and stay longer on your site . Also, you can include posts related to the topic at the bottom of the comment field. This makes readers, who are already participating in a debate on the subject, read more posts on your blog. After all, they have already shown that they are interested in these stories . Simplified approval of comments If you don’t want to go to your website’s dashboard all the time to approve comments, just set up email approval . By replying to the email with “Approve”, the comment is automatically approved.

This is ideal for those times when you only have your cell phone and want to update your blog. Real feedback As we said, you need to create an account on Disqus. Therefore, automated comments and spamming are discouraged as the user verification process is more complex. How to install Disqus? The first step is to create an account in the system. To do this, go to the Disqus website and create your account, providing your email and password, or you can also use your Facebook and Twitter accounts. After creating your account, you need to click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen, next to your profile picture. Then enter the name of your website or blog . The domain is the category of your content: news, business, sports, etc. Once this is done, the configuration will be well advanced.

The next step is to let Disqus know what platform your blog is installed on. You can use this comment system on various platforms, such as Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, among others. In this article we are going to teach the installation for WordPress . Therefore, you must click on the ” WordPress ” option . In the WordPress dashboard of your site, click on plugin, find Disqus, install it and activate it. After this step, the plugin will be available for configuration in the ” Comments ” element in your panel. Click on it to continue with the setup and then click on the ” Update ” button . You will be prompted for the login information for the account you created on the Disqus website. If you have more than one website using the tool, they will appear on that screen. Select the one you want to activate by checking the corresponding box and click on « next «. If your site has already received comments at some point, Disqus will ask you to sync the dashboard. It is a simple process and you must authorize it for the configuration to be done correctly. When you finish this step refresh the page to verify that the installation was successful. It may take a while for the plugin to sync the number of your comments with previous blog comments, but don’t worry, this will be resolved automatically. Comment moderation settings occur on the Disqus website.

How to be successful with comments? Now that you know how to install this tool and what its advantages are, it is important to clarify that the team responsible for the site also has some responsibilities for the strategy to be successful. Understand the potential of comments There are many reasons to invest in comments on a site, the main one is to include keywords naturally on the page. Even without noticing it, when commenting, the reader will include keywords in the text and those words will be indexed by Google . Have you already googled something and the answer was a comment on a post? Depending on the topic of your blog, this can be very common. Comments can also generate leads . Although it is not its main function, it is not uncommon for a lead to contact a company using comments. Therefore, it is always good to have a strategy for these cases, guiding the moderator to direct the contact to the sales team or collect more data from the reader, such as email .

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