The ROI of interactive content is higher than that of static content and can generate very interesting values, for example, if the content goes viral. That is why sales and marketing are taking advantage of this type of content to improve their numbers and generate more leads and customers. Edgar higuerey Mar 15, 20 | 5 min read what is the ROi of interactive content Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List The interactive content is one of the newest gambling marketing to generate more leads and more customers. This is due to the excellent results that this type of content can provide companies. Interactive content attracts attention, captivates the lead and keeps it close to the brand. One of the benefits of placing it in a sales funnel is being able to use the attraction that the interactive content causes, take it to other stages of the funnel and increase the ROI. The ROI of interactive content can be very advantageous and it is precisely for this reason that many companies are adopting it. The investment in Marketing is less and the return can be much higher. In this article, we’ll give you more information on ROI for interactive content and show you how it’s calculated. I interest you? So, let’s go together to find out more about it!

What is interactive content? Interactive contents are those contents that allow interaction with the user, thus creating a unique result. There are several possible formats for creating interactive content, but the most used are computer graphics , quiz , ebooks , whitepapers, calculators, landing pages , contests and video . Each type of interactive content can be used in different ways within a Marketing plan and there is no specific rule on how to use it or which one to use. The important thing is that it is aligned with the wishes of the Buyer Persona of the company and satisfies their need. Unlike static content, where everything is ready and the user is just a passive reader, interactive content allows the audience to be an active and important part in the construction of the final content. In general, it is the participation of the public that makes the material take different paths and obtain unique results. This is the case of quizzes, for example, directly responsible for the success of one of the largest sites on the Internet, Buzzfeed . By generating interaction, people keep their attention on the material. And it is, precisely, to capture people’s attention the main challenge of current Marketing, because the amount of information grows exponentially, however, the time they have remains the same.

What are the advantages of using interactive content? Captivating the attention of the public can generate several benefits for the marketing and sales of companies. Increasing ROI with interactive content is one of them. This is because interactive content: generate more organic traffic; improve SEO ; increase the number of shares in social networks; increase the number of followers; improve the chances of viralizing content; attract qualified and active leads; provide a competitive advantage; improve public perception of the brand ; conversions increase. All these benefits impact the return on investment and for the vast majority of companies that adopted interactive content this is already a reality. In a study prepared in 2018 by Demand Metric and the interactive content platform Ion Interactive, we can see that 96% of Marketing specialists say that interactive content has a positive impact on the shopping journey. A while ago we produced a complete guide to Interactive Content and its advantages for a digital strategy. Download it for free below! How to calculate the ROI of interactive content? One of the challenges that Marketing specialists face is knowing how to measure the return on the investment made in a certain action. According to the research we mentioned above, only 14% of companies measure the result in the share of the materials they produce. Before we see how to calculate the ROI of interactive content, it is important to mention the following points.

Continue reading! Interactive content can increase the accuracy of the ROI calculationThe advancement of interactive and personalized content generates positive impacts on the accuracy of the calculation of some metrics, such as Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Lifetime Value (LTV). It takes time to calculate It is important to remember that interactive content should not be analyzed in the short term, but in the long term. According to Scott Severson of the Content Marketing Institute, the ROI of interactive content should be viewed as gym exercises. “You won’t see a result for a week. But if you commit to doing it regularly, you will get incredible results. ” That is, the implementation of the interactive content and its performance should be viewed as a marathon and not as a 100-meter race. ROI must always be improved Calculating ROI is something that is constantly evolving, as the tools and ways to measure it are always getting better and clearer. Ideally, try to take as much information into account as possible, knowing that content can affect people in different ways.

Macro view matters It is also important to note that just as it is essential to analyze data such as SEO and sharing on social media, branding and brand storytelling also interfere with ROI. The quality of the content interferes When we think in the long term, we have to see the content as something that will bring an exponential return on the cost of your investment, therefore, the quality of it directly impacts this calculation. Therefore, there is no correct way to calculate the ROI of content, whether it is interactive or not. Each company must find its own way. The ROI for interactive content must take into account points that are not so easy to achieve, such as the impact of said content on the various points of contact of the brand and even on sales.

We must always take into account data such as: number of views; Bounce Rate; time spent on the page; number of comments on social networks; number of times it was shared and / or cited; number of clicks on the CTA to continue exploring other materials; number of links to the page; number of potential customers; conversion rate. All of these elements can be measured using tools such as Google Analytics , Google Alerts, Buzz Sumo, and a CRM. At each of these points, the ROI must be calculated, which is done as follows:ROI = (revenue – costs / costs) X 100 The ROI of interactive content is a way to direct investments in Content Marketing , using interactive content to improve these metrics. Marketing looks in interactive content for an opportunity to improve their numbers. In sales, the impact of this type of content can be even greater than expected. Did you find the perspective of results that interactive content offers interesting? So I invite you to schedule a call with us to learn about the Ion software and how it can help you produce powerful materials for your digital strategy !

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