Both good according to Van Dale, but South Africa Email List very different from each other. So you better walk  around it with a bow. Additions? Do you know of other financial-economic language errors? Please let us know in a comment below. Increase the impact and effect of your text [training] In addition to preventing language errors, how can you write texts Somalia Email List that convince your target group? And do you increase the impact and effect of your message? During the online course Writing & Copywriting you will learn 6 writing techniques to reach, motivate and activate your target group.We all make grammar mistakes. Companies sometimes go Somalia Email List wrong too.  As a copywriter (read: language police) I am probably slightly more bothered by language errors than the average Dutch person.

Thought It Was a Joke. Unfortunately

This also applies to sentences that do South Africa Email List not contain a subject Trend X is also  . Seen as   By whom  The expectation is that The market expects the sector hopes . A market is not a self-thinking entity but a collection of demanders and suppliers with completely different views, just like a sector is a collection of companies of very diverse South Africa Email List backgrounds. Better is therefore A majority of the market parties expect the euro to rise. Momentum Momentum is a popular buzzword among journalists from Het Financier Blagged . Alden went public to gain momentum outside the sector as well. Despite the improved economic momentum, earnings expectations are moderate. But there is great confusion among readers about what momentum actually is. Betas think Somalia Email List of force as mass times speed, alphas see it as a decisive moment or turning point.

Not to Be the Case

Did the reader really already South Africa Email List know that percentage? Probably only a handful of macro . Economists knew about it Therefore it is better to use ‘namely’ Dates Financial texts cannot do without data The word data is singular in . English but plural in Dutch. So you write the data is present instead of the data is present . This rule also applies to ‘big data’. Singularity is only appropriate if you want to refer to ‘big data’ as a trend. Men People Somalia Email List are a thousand-headed monster intensely loved by bankers  . And economists They plan to invest more The rising share price is seen as a sign of confidence . Who are we actually talking about then? Name man and horse.

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