In addition to his tough and present hand Namibia Phone Number in running his companies. His dreams and missions are bigger than those of the average person. Consider, for example, his desire to colonize Mars with his company SpaceX, because he sees the space and resources available on Earth as limiting. And that’s Namibia Phone Number how frustration got us into space. SpaceX was found by Musk in 2002 and has since become the largest and best-known company in the NewSpace movement.

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SpaceX has been the world’s largest launch Namibia Phone Number provider since 2017. Also read: Storytelling: an inspiring brand story in 5 steps 4. A refreshing dip, a refreshing idea When Boyan Slat was diving during a holiday in Greece. He was shock by the amount of plastic in the sea. That frustration led him to Namibia Phone Number devise a system that captures floating plastic waste, using the natural currents in the sea.

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He was still a high school student at Namibia Phone Number the time. In 2012, his idea won a prize from Delft University of Technology. And after his TED talk in 2013, entitled ‘How the oceans can clean themselves’, he gained worldwide fame and raised enough money for a pilot phase through crowdfunding. The company ‘The Namibia Phone Number Ocean Cleanup’ was founded and its mission is to clean up the so-called ‘plastic soup’ from the oceans.

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