The kick off meeting is a fundamental practice for any organization that wants to carry out projects and execute strategies with greater efficiency and, therefore, offer its consumers a more refined final product. With the entire team engaged in a common goal, communication becomes clearer, ideas align, and the trend is for results to improve. Valentina Giraldo May 3, 20 | 7 min read what is a kick off meeting High competition in the market and the increasing level of consumer demand forces companies to organize internally. This work involves innumerable actions from the most diverse areas of a company in order, Slovenia Phone Number List in this way, to be able to offer clients products, services and / or solutions that are in constant evolution and improvement. It all starts with efficient communication . After all, how to do quality work, combining productivity and efficiency, if the professionals that make up your team do not communicate clearly or even participate in the entire process of executing a project? A kick off meeting is extremely important for the best performance of all participants, since everything necessary for the efficient execution of a project will be perfectly aligned with the professionals who participate in the work team.

Therefore, we will address some fundamental points about the importance of holding kick-off meetings within your organization. Are you curious and want to know more? Keep reading this article and find the answers to your questions! What is a kick off meeting? In a free translation into Spanish, it means something like “the kickoff”, it is an expression of the world of sports that aims to leave the start of a game clearly marked. Over time, however, it began to be used, more and more, in the corporate world and, therefore, the concept of a kick off meeting emerged, that is, a meeting to start a specific project .

In practice, it is a meeting to present an idea, show what is expected of a project and the functions of each participating professional. In short, make everyone have the same vision of the tasks that need to be done. The objective is that your entire team understands that it is a particular project and, in this way, possible communication failures can be avoided. A kick off meeting is therefore a way of investing in teamwork, ensuring that all professionals know what the topic to be addressed in the meeting is about. Instead of just managers planning a strategy to redesign your blog , for example, and only then bringing designers into the conversation, in this model everyone participates from the start.

In this meeting, the idea is to clarify all doubts, validate the objectives, deadlines, ideas , in short, update all employees on what needs to be done, how it will be carried out and when it should be delivered. In this way, professionals can give their suggestions, question ideas and debate which are the best paths for the company. This practice is extremely necessary for the manager who wants to win the admiration and dedication of his team. It is a leadership attitude that serves to value the knowledge and work of the professionals who will be part of the project execution. Therefore, the trend is for results to be easier to achieve, reducing errors and increasing precision. What are the benefits of this meeting for your team? But in practice, why is a kick-off meeting so important for your company and for the professionals involved in a project? The advantages of putting this idea into practice are the most diverse and, therefore, we have separated the main ones so that you have no doubts. Continue reading! Align the relationship with the customer The first point, perhaps the most important, is to be able to align everything the client wants in relation to the performance of your company. That is, what do you need to deliver to satisfy the wants and demands of your audience? In addition, it is the ideal time to ask questions, evacuate doubts and clarify any other issue that may arise. Motivate the team The role of a manager is also to motivate his team, right?

To do this efficiently and transparently, there is nothing better than ensuring that your team participates in the execution of a project, from the initial moment to the last adjustments. It is a way of assessing the knowledge and opinion of those who will help your company deliver the final result. Submit Member Ratings In contact with clients , the kick-off meeting can also be the ideal time to introduce the professionals who are part of your team and show the qualification of each of them. In this way, the client will increase their confidence in the work to be carried out, as they will know the know-how of your company to carry out the necessary tasks. Increase the commitment of professionals One challenge in managing a team is ensuring that team members are engaged , motivated, and highly productive. By putting your entire team on top of what needs to be done in a Marketing project , you allow editors, designers, and other professionals to spend more time finding the best solutions. Get the most out of each component With professionals more committed to the objectives and goals to be achieved, the tendency is for each of them to be more willing to carry out their functions. In addition, it is easier and more precise to define the roles of each person within the execution of the project, thus ensuring that each employee performs the tasks for which they are most qualified.

Understand the expected results The kick off meeting also serves to stipulate the expected results for all parties involved in the project. Clients, managers and professionals: they will all be on the same page, ensuring that there are no doubts about what should be delivered and distributing the necessary instructions for the final result to be satisfactory. How to do an efficient kick off meeting? Now that you know the benefits of having a kick off meeting, how about understanding, in practice, how to make an extremely productive meeting? After all, one of the biggest problems in the market is time wasted with useless meetings and that’s not what you want, is it? So, follow our advice! Define the moment The first step, of course, is to set a date for the meeting. That is, what is the best time to kick off? This is the time to consult with the client, understand the working conditions of the professionals at this time and make sure that everyone is with time, and mind, focused on this meeting and not, for example, with the closing of another draft.

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