Having a blog helps promote your brand awareness and showcase your business’ expertise. But that it generates qualified traffic on your website and potential leads, it’s even better! It is in particular thanks to the establishment of a good SEO that this is possible. India Phone Number List SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is “the art of positioning a site, a web page or an application in the first natural results of search engines”. In this article, we give you our advice on how to optimize the SEO of your blog posts and ensure that you generate as much traffic as possible and attract your prospects to your site. Identify the right keywords to improve your SEO One article = one objective = one main keyword An article should target a main keyword and be optimized around that keyword.

Of course, this article will also aim to position itself on the long tail and the secondary and derivative words around your main keyword. So it is particularly important to choose it well! In order to optimize your SEO, this main keyword must be present in 2 to 5% of all your text. It must be found everywhere in your text, whether in the introduction, in the body of it or in the conclusion or the opening of your article. Your main keyword must be present in the title tag, in the URL and in the H1 tag. We will develop these points in more detail later in this article. The tools to find your keywords There are several tools available to you (free or paid) to help you determine your primary keyword and its secondary derived keywords. For more information on these different tools such as Google Adwords, Ranxplorer, Google Trend or even Google Suggest, do not hesitate to read our top 5 of the best keyword generators for your SEO.

Identify the semantic universe and the list of questions related to your key words For your SEO to be optimized, consider using the tools that allow you to identify the semantic universe and the list of questions related to your keywords in order to integrate them into your article. You will find these features in tools such as Ranxplorer or Answer the public. Optimize your natural referencing: good practices! The title tag To improve your SEO, it is important to take care of your title tag since it is this title that will appear first in search engine results. This is the main line that people will click on to access your article. This tag should feature your main keyword and should be clear and concise. As a general rule, the title tag of a page should not exceed 512 pixels (50 to 70 characters).

Optimized url Search engines attach great importance to the URLs of web pages. Indeed, your prospects will be able to find you more easily if your URL is simple and clear. For that, it is therefore necessary to optimize it, by simply keeping your domain name, followed by the keywords that you have identified. Semantic tags (Hn) The semantic Hn tags (numbered from 1 to 6) allow you to structure the text of your article as well as to summarize the content of your paragraphs in order to highlight the most important ideas that you want to convey to your readers. These tags play an important role in SEO since they allow you to highlight the keywords on which you have decided to position yourself. We advise you to put a single H1 containing the main keyword that you have identified and which will allow you to discuss the subject of your article. This key word could be subsequently reused in certain Hn. Your H2 tags should contain secondary keywords and H3s target related keywords in order to optimize your SEO. The meta description The meta description tag appears in search engines, below your title tag and is an SEO element that should not be overlooked. It gives a concise summary of the content that can be found on your page. Google does not take this tag into account in its algorithm to order the results, but it is what makes a user click on your article or not.

So don’t neglect it! You must succeed in making Internet users want to read your article. This tag must therefore be unique and attractive in order to generate clicks on your URL. In general, the meta description tag should not exceed 165 characters. However, since the start of 2018, the length of the meta description has increased and is on average 230 characters. Alt tag on images Alt tags on images are used to indicate the content of an image to search engines. It is in this sense that these tags constitute a key point of your SEO, not to be overlooked. This is why you need to work on your alt tags using the keywords related to the image that you have decided to include in your article. The alt tags help optimize your SEO since these keywords will also be read by search engines and give them details in order to interpret your content. These tags also allow you to be referenced in Google Images and increase traffic to your article and therefore improve your SEO. These are also the tags that will be displayed if your images do not load and that will be able to tell your readers what the image represents. No duplicate content! In order to improve your SEO, do not copy content from other sites, either in full or just parts of an article. This criterion may seem simple but it is not the least. Indeed, when Google detects that a site is duplicating content, it no longer makes it appear in the search results. It would therefore be a shame to see your efforts to improve your SEO reduced to nothing for a few lines copied. Tools to check your content by comparing it to all the content offered on search engines exist such as plagiarisma.net.

Other SEO criteria to respect for your blog Item size In order to get good SEO, the size of your article is also important. Long articles are considered to be more complete and provide more information. However, there is no point in writing 3000 words if your content is not of high quality. So from an SEO point of view if you want to have maximum chances of positioning yourself on your main keyword and its secondary keywords, we advise you to favor articles from 800 words. On very competitive requests, do not be afraid to write texts of 1500 or even 2000 words! Image size While it is important to use images to illustrate your article, they should not be too heavy. Indeed, images that are too heavy could negatively impact your SEO referencing. Since Google switched to mobile first, your page download time has become a key factor for good SEO. So remember to reduce the size of your images so that they do not exceed 100kb. Tools are available to resize them such as resizeimage. The internal mesh Internal linking consists of using the articles of your own blog to make links to your main pages or to the other articles of your blog to optimize the SEO of the latter.

These internal links therefore make it possible to link several pages of the same website or blog. So, do not hesitate to fill your articles with links to other pages in order to optimize your internal links. However, we recommend that you don’t include too many links on an article and stick to just 2 or 3. Outgoing links We recommend that you limit the number of outgoing links from your article to sites other than your own. Indeed making a large number of external links reduces your “SEO juice”. On the other hand, making one or two links from your article to institutional or government sites will support the legitimacy of your article with Internet users and with Google. he philosophy of Growth Hacking is based on a basic idea: to grow by applying strategies that combine creativity, data analysis, digital Ads and SEO. Actions such as exchanging marketing data to generate retargeting, or using chatbots are one of the many trends of Growt Hacking 20 22 that you can discover in this post. Are you going to miss them? You may also be interested in: Master in Growth Hacking In the technological scenario in which we live, competition does not stop growing and digital profiles are more in demand than ever. In order to be part of the new business world that is to come, either we are one step ahead or we are left out. So that the latter does not happen, we bring you the Growth Hacking Trends 202 2 pointed out by experts and professors from IEBS , specialists in these topics. INDEX OF CONTENTS Why is growth hacking rising so fast? In the past trends of growth hacking already he said the main reason was that growth strategies remain, and increasingly, the FOC or most digital businesses.

Which leads an area like Growth Hacking to become a very valuable resource for companies. Did you know that companies like Instagram , Facebook, Twitter or Dropbox were startups that relied on Growth Hackers to apply more effective campaigns? And what was the result? From startups to millionaire companies. If you want to develop as a Growth Hacker you must be up to date with all the news that are appearing in the sector. Growht Hacking Trends Take note of the ones that will emerge in 2022! Digital transformation tools The first of our Growth Hacking Trends, according to our expert Marcos Luque, is related to tools that enhance the digital transformation within sales departments, which are so badly hit by the pandemic in everything related to face-to-face work (commercial visits, product demo, fairs, etc.). Example of tools: Viewed (video within email) Vidyard (1to1 custom video creation tool) Linkedin sales navigator (with many of its new features) Some of the tools that allow automating the processes in LinkedIn such as Linked helper Chatbots evolve “Chatbots that go one step further, integrate with data-rich databases and work omnichannel, including WhatsApp as one of their options,” says Luque.

For example, a chatbot with which, if you leave your club membership number, you can validate if there is free time on the paddle tennis court and, if you want, reserve it so that it is not taken away from you. On the other hand, another example would be a Chatbot that with your ID number + a message to confirm that it is you, provides you with the information related to your bank balance or a document that you want to consult. Humanization will remain key At the communication level, the humanization of communications within a digitized framework will continue to be key. «As an extra, once the boom of webinars is over, which if they add value will continue to work, in the B2B world online talks with group participation, such as virtual breakfasts or online afterwork meetings, possibly provide greater participation and, above all , greater enrichment of all the parties involved “, says Luque. Automations combined with Data and AI Another growth hacking trend that we will see in 2022 will be automations combined with data + AI . From the most common such as those that we can find with Connectif-type MKT Automation tools in the ecommerce world , to the most complex such as programmatic advertising or those offered by CDPs (Customer Data Platforms.)MASTER IN GROWTH HACKING Turn startups into successful companies I’m interested! ECommerce management tools Another of the Growth Hacking trends for 2022 are the tools related to the world of electronic commerce. In ecommerce, the tools that allow you to work and manage different feeds in different marketplaces , as well as the use of creative techniques to achieve the loyalty of that customer captured by the marketplace , will be key.

The No Code will be essential “Everything related to ‘no code’ becomes essential in a world in which we need to test and validate faster and faster,” says Luque. Google makes a good example of this with the Appsheet functionality. The goal of NoCode is to democratize the code. In other words, anyone can make use of these tools without having to know how to program or have a developer for it. E-BOOK Growth Strategies “About Growth” Download Growth loops If you are immersed in Growth and business growth, you should know that Growth Loops are the most recent innovation in this field. The latest of Growth Hacking trends. Growth loops or loops are a new growth model that arises as an alternative to the conventional AARRR metric . These metrics end up being watertight from each other and end up losing the sense of their main purpose. Loops work like growth loops where the attraction of a user in any of the phases brings others with it. In this way, the efficiency of the actions is much higher. The loops are in tune with the North Metric . That is, with the maximum objective of an organization. What it achieves is that absolutely all the actions that are carried out within any department of the organization do not lose focus of what is really important, which is always to achieve sales.

Our professor Marcos Herrera explains everything to you in this video that we are sure you will want to see if your goal is to increase your sales by anticipating new business models. AARRR is dead – Marcos Herrera #DigitalGrowthDay Growth Hacking Tools for 20 22 Marcos Herrera and Eva Rodríguez , recommend Growth Hacking tools that will be essential for 2022. Here is a list of the most important ones:Sumo It will help us to know which are the most successful pages of our website in social networks . Also which pages are having the most success according to keywords. Growth Hacking and Lean Marketing Trends for 2022 – image 10 1024×485 KissMetrics This tool allows you to monitor customer behavior, combining it with segmentation and automated sending of mailings. Growth Hacking and Lean Marketing Trends for 2022 – image 11 1024×487 Olark Apart from chatting online with our users, we can also know who is online, what pages he is viewing, and chat with him proactively. Growth Hacking and Lean Marketing Trends for 2022 – image 12 1024×487 Nimble Thanks to this tool we can manage relationships with all our contacts, since it allows us to group them.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Twitter, LinkedIn, email, Facebook, etc. Growth Hacking and Lean Marketing Trends for 2022 – image 13 1024×485 SpyFu This tool analyzes the competition in addition to offering tools for SEO, PPC and keywords. It is important to know how to analyze the competition in order to act quickly and identify good practices. Growth Hacking and Lean Marketing Trends for 2022 – image 14 1024×486 HotJar This tool, in addition to keeping track of your customers, also makes it easier for you to identify potential users. It includes several applications to do surveys, polls, get users to test your website , heat maps, etc. Growth Hacking and Lean Marketing Trends for 2022 – image 15 1024×482 What do you think of this post on Growth Hacking trends for 2022? Leave your comments and share! Do you want to be a Growth Hacker Marketing? Don’t stay out of the job market and take the IEBS Master in Growth Hacking . You will discover how to create growth engines for companies and you will become an expert in the most promising profession of the next few years. We will wait for you!

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