GT metrix is ​​a tool that performs analysis of websites in an extremely detailed way, which allows us to fully understand the process of loading our blog. Knowing what the download time of each element is, it is possible to make optimizations to increase the speed of opening the page. Matheus Clemente Apr 9, 20 | 8 min read what is GT Metrix Those who have a website or blog need to track some metrics on a regular basis, including knowing exactly how many visits are received daily or monthly, Austria WhatsApp Number List which posts are most popular, and what is the click-through rate on links, buttons, and ads. There is also a metric known as bounce rate or bounce rate . The idea is to keep this index as low as possible and, to achieve this, there is a factor that has a great influence on the behavior of the visitor , which makes them decide to stay on your site or leave it: the loading speed . After all, Internet users generally don’t have much patience to wait for the page to load. So when they feel like it’s taking too long for content on the site to appear, they leave. This brings us to a very important question: how to find out the cause of a blog’s loading delay? Using a fantastic tool called GT metrix .

In this content we will answer all your questions about this tool. Continue reading! What is GT metrix and what is it for? GT metrix is ​​a tool that allows you to know in detail the loading process of your website or blog . It indicates the download time of each element, which allows optimizations, so that the user has the best possible experience with respect to speed. The tool is free, which is impressive considering the quantity and quality of the features offered . You can do analysis without necessarily having to register, although it is more advantageous to create an account. When you login, the tool allows you to change the evaluation parameters, as well as offering the possibility of saving your analyzes and even exporting them to PDF . It is also possible to analyze two sites at the same time, allowing a comparison of the performances. The purpose of all of this is to make your website load faster.

You might think; But what difference does 5 seconds make? It is very little time! It seems little, but for an Internet user, a second is an eternity. Google conducted a survey that showed the importance of developing websites optimized for mobile devices, which has to do with being able to see them with quality on these types of devices. The study found that for nearly half of those surveyed, slow loading of a page is causing the most frustration . As if user behavior was not enough, Google itself analyzes the loading time when ranking , which makes this factor something to take into account in an SEO strategy . Therefore, if you work with Content Marketing , it is essential to take care of the loading speed of your website and GT metrix can help you a lot with this. What are the main functions of GT metrix? GT metrix offers numerous functions, we have separated the main ones so that you know them. Speed ​​score GT metrix displays the speed score of a website based on Google Page Speed and Yahoo YS low, two tools that calculate load times.

The result is shown in percentage, which allows a comparison to be made with the general average of the websites analyzed in GT metrix in the last 30 days. To do this, simply hover over the icon to the right of the score. Loading details The amount of detail presented in the report is incredible. The tool analyzes all the elements of your website and presents a graph in a timeline format that also indicates the moment to load each element. recommendations One part of the report includes recommendations on what you can do to optimize your website. They are organized into categories and, depending on the level of your technical knowledge, it is possible to make various adjustments to optimize the loading time. PDF report generation The report can be exported in PDF format, which is very interesting when you want to share the information with a partner or a customer. The option is in a red button on the right side of the screen. Test from multiple locations To test the loading speed it is possible to simulate several locations. In the free plan, there are seven countries: United States, Canada, China, United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, and India.

Video generation This function is quite interesting. Generate a video of your website loading and add a subtitle in the corner, indicating the main events, as we can see in the following image: What are the limitations of the free plan? In the free plan, you can make a maximum of 3 queries per day , which is excellent if your intention is to evaluate the performance of your blog only. On the other hand, for those who have an agency and need to analyze several sites, a paid plan would be an excellent deal, since they would not be limited to that small amount. In the free plan there is also a limit of 20 URLs that can be stored in your dashboard . In addition, paid plans offer permanent monitoring of your website, which cannot be done with a basic subscription. Another feature that is only available in paid plans is the Developer Toolkit, a set of tools for developers. This allows, for example, to simulate website loading on numerous mobile devices, choose the device resolution, and save presets for later analysis.

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