One of the principles of modern Marketing, which revolutionized marketing strategies, is that the relationship with customers is as or more important than the closing of sales. Juan Andrés Corrales Jun 17, 20 | 13 min read how to improve customer relations Digital Marketing methodologies , such as Inbound Marketing , have shown how effective it is to foster a solid connection with consumers and users, truly putting them at the center of the strategy, Israel Phone Number List to grow and obtain sustainable results that will stand the test of time. During the COVID-19 crisis , more than ever, we must keep this philosophy in mind, since it is no secret that the demand for goods and services has decreased substantially in most sectors, both in the B2B (Business to Business) industry. Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer). At the same time that it has strained health systems, the pandemic has reduced business activity and the world economy has once again encountered the dreaded “specter” of recession. According to the World Bank, 2020 will close with a reduction in the global economy of more than 5% , something unprecedented since the Second World War.

But don’t worry, it’s not all bad news! Even in its most disappointing projections, the World Bank, like other official organizations, estimates that the economy will begin to regain ground in 2021, a year in which a natural growth or rebound is expected after the period of decline . And to that we go! The current panorama, both statistically and in what we perceive every day as business people, shows us that it is the right time to invest in the relationship with customers and not so much in the closing of sales, so that our commercial alternatives are consolidated once the market opens and users invest again. Precisely, in this material we will give you some tips to build and strengthen these relationships, both with clients and potential buyers . But first, we will delve a little more into the importance of investing in connecting with users in general, beyond the current context. Stay with us! Why is it worth investing in customer relationships? First of all, we must understand that the user has changed. Today, he is inclined towards companies that offer him a good experience , that provide value, closeness and personalization.

In addition, above all, the client wants to interact with companies that understand their problems and needs and provide concrete and effective solutions . Given this reality, we can say that investing in customer relationships is important due to the following factors:Extends the customer life cycle Logically, a good relationship with a customer is synonymous with retention and loyalty and, therefore, increases the life expectancy of the business relationship. In turn, this has a direct impact on the Lifetime Value (LTV) , a metric that refers to the amount of profit that a user generates during the time of relationship with the company. Also, the average ticket increases , that is, the amounts that users usually invest in purchases in a certain company increase, since they increasingly feel more identified with its products or services, values, innovations and other characteristics. Increase the possibility of Upsell and Cross-sell Spend time, effort and investment to the customer relationship paves the way for the Upsell and Cross-sell , ie, the additional sales and cross , respectively. This shows that focusing on this important factor does not mean giving up on closing sales or generating new business transactions.

Rather, it is a way of ensuring greater effectiveness. It can be valued as a strategic management process for the user or client, which makes them more inclined to give a positive commercial response once a specific proposal is made. In addition, they are dynamic resources, which accompany the evolution of the client during his career with the company. For example, if you initially contract a software in its most basic version, while you are checking the advantages of the product you can:an upsell, hiring its advanced version, or a cross-sell, acquiring a complementary product that will increase its performance. Allows you to train brand ambassadors The brand ambassadors will make your company much more humane and also projected confidence to other consumers and the market in general. To generate ambassadors organically, you need to strengthen customer engagement , that is, the level of customer commitment to your brand, and for that you need to invest in improving the relationship with them. Thus, you put yourself in a position to attract new customers in the future and with a much broader purchase potential, because they will arrive with a quality recommendation from someone they trust. Ultimately, brand ambassadors end up reducing the Cost of Customer Acquisition , which becomes a great resource for the brand to continue growing in a sustainable and permanent way.

Reduce the sales cycle By raising the level of engagement and reducing frictions that make the customer uncomfortable and interrupt the commercial flow, as dictated by the flywheel principles , you will reduce the sales cycle, and this carries a necessary advantage at all times, especially in those to come: liquidity. The shorter the time between one sale and another , the better the flow of income in your company and the availability of resources to manage expenses and costs and even growth projects. So why is a good relationship with customers better than obsessing over closing sales? Now that you know the importance of investing in customer relationships, let’s see why it is even more important than closing sales. Higher probability of future sales Building a good relationship is something sustainable, which is why it results in future commercial benefits, such as a greater probability of new sales .

On the other hand, if you focus directly on closing sales, without first educating, captivating and motivating the user, you may be able to generate a purchase through persuasion and insistence, but it could be the last that that person would make you. And is that if you do not consolidate the relationship and engagement, offering a pleasant shopping experience , your company will be valued as one of the many , which simply provides products or services and, consequently, can be replaced by another alternative at any time. Fewer objections in closing sales As we mentioned earlier, investing in customer relationships is not giving up on closing, but better preparing for it . When this factor is taken into account, there are far fewer objections when making a formal business proposal and the acceptance rate is much higher. Generation of customer value Following this philosophy means educating, helping and supporting the consumer. On the other hand, if a single approach is the closing of sales, this will be one more number, which will not maintain a long relationship with your business. To generate this differentiated value, it is convenient to combine the close contact that you can establish with the client in different communication channels with the analysis of data about their interactions and the engagement they have with your company, in systems such as CRM .

In the end, if you have an app and your users spend many days without entering the platform to follow what you are contributing, it is a clear sign that they are feeling some pain that you are not healing them. Obtaining valuable information When companies engage with their customers and have a strong connection , they can receive constant and valuable feedback , providing them with valuable data and information for the business process. On the other hand, aiming directly at the closing of sales will make you skip all those previous interactions that allow you to better know the public , measure their reaction to different stimuli and develop knowledge that allows improvement. 7 actions to improve your relationship with current clients We arrived at the moment of truth! Now that you understand the importance of cultivating customer relationships, let’s see how to do it successfully. Specifically, below we will give you a list of actions and tips that you should follow to establish a solid bond with your current clients, which will promote profitability in the near future and possibilities for sustainable growth.

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