Some say that it began in the 1990s, while others say that it emerged almost at the same time as the new millennium. The truth is that, regardless of when it began, the digital transformation continues in full swing and this has different repercussions, including the need to achieve the digitization of SMEs. Yes, Colombia Phone Number List it is a necessity and not a luxury or a strategic value addition. Although it may seem crude, it must be said clearly: a small or medium-sized company that does not take this step will hardly be competitive and will stand the test of time. Only through digitization can a business aspire to a privileged position in current markets and grow with scalability and sustainability, that is, meeting all their demands and without losing those qualities that add value and that differentiate it. Even scan or n business is key to resisting joints and times of crisis, and this has become evident in recent times. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has generated a massive business closure in Latin America. The Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLAC) estimates that up to 2.7 million formal companies in the region – of which more than 98% will be SMEs – could end their operations as a result of the economic stoppage caused by the pandemic. This is due, in part, to the fact that many companies do not have a solid digital presence or the necessary structure to operate virtually , in order to withstand the confinement measures and the reduction of consumption and stay in constant interaction with their customers and prospects.

So, given this reality, we consider it appropriate to offer you a concrete guide on how to digitize your SME. In the next few lines we will explain what challenges you will face in doing so, where you should start and, in general, what are the keys to taking this step successfully. Attention! What are the challenges for the digitization of SMEs? We won’t lie to you: you may face multiple challenges on the inevitable path to digitizing your SMB . Before sharing the keys to be successful with this process, we will show you in a concrete way what are the challenges that you could face so that you identify them and do not allow them to stop you. 1. Resistance to change With SMEs something curious occurs: they are the main economic engine of many countries, but at the same time they are the most vulnerable organizations , which disappear more quickly.

In Mexico, for example, more than 95% of the companies are SMEs, representing 52% of the national GDP, while generating more than 70% of job opportunities. However, in the Latin American giant, these kinds of organizations tend to last very little, and an example of this is that almost 80% of the SMEs created in 2017 were even able to maintain their operations until 2019. Many times, this difficulty to last over time is due to resistance to change, something that does not usually occur in large corporations, used to staying at the forefront and constantly innovating .

Precisely, resistance to change and a new way of operating and interacting with users is one of the challenges that must be overcome to achieve the digitization of SMEs . 2. Budget limitation This is one of the challenges that, in quotes, you will have to face. And it is that, although SMEs usually have a limited budget for Marketing and modernization, the truth is that currently there are different practices that allow developing these aspects without a high investment. So, we can say that the low budget is a limitation, which you can overcome with the intelligent management of resources. Taking advantage of the fact that we mentioned the financial issue, below you can take accounts of your potential investments in Marketing with this interactive calculator that we produced:3. Lack of specialized knowledge Probably in your company there are few experts in Digital Marketing for SMEs , business intelligence and related topics, who play a key role in digitization. This, of course, represents a challenge, which you can leave behind if you rely on professionals, consultancies and external services, which complement the knowledge and intellectual resources that already exist in your organization. Thus, your team can focus more on the operations of your core business , that is, the main activity of the company.

Where to start digitizing your SME? Right after reading this article you can start digitizing your SME. This is not a joke! And it all starts with promoting and instilling digital transformation in the organizational culture . As you already know, the lack of knowledge on issues related to this process and resistance to change are some of the main aspects that limit the modernization of small and medium-sized companies. As in startups , it is important that you sow a culture of constant innovation and adaptation to new technologies and trends . This will pave the way for you to implement the key actions for the digitization of SMEs. In other words, digitize your business from the inside out. First internalize this element in the organizational culture and then externalize it with a solid digital presence and through migration to new and modern operating methods. 4 keys to successful digitization of SMEs Now that you know the challenges that will be faced in the digitization process of SMEs and the importance of starting this path by promoting modernization and innovation in the organizational culture, let’s see what are the key actions to take this step towards the future and sustainability. 1. Own digital presence The digital visibility is a key element for a SME can really be competitive and grow scalability.

Having a solid presence in the web universe and social networks favors Branding , allows you to constantly attract potential clients and, in general, is a source of favorable actions and results for the commercial process. To develop your own digital presence you need to take into account different aspects, strategies and factors, such as:Hosting and website creation A solid structure of web pages should be the center of the digital presence of your SME. One of your priorities has to be to hire a good hosting and web page creation service , which is adapted to the financial reality of your company and which serves to promote a solid Digital Marketing strategy . Among these services, Rock Stage stands out , a tool / platform for hosting and managing blogs, made entirely in WordPress , the lord and lord of content managers globally. These types of tools, in addition to offering a Premium hosting with optimal infrastructure, facilitate the monitoring and performance of multiple key tasks for the strategies. In addition, hosting is an essential factor for you to have a powerful participation in the network, because it is the home of your website. If it has quality, it will support a large number of users stably.

WPO Web performance optimization or, in English, Web Performance Optimization (WPO) encompasses a broad set of practices, techniques, tools and actions aimed at improving the performance of a website. The WPO ranges from selecting a good hosting service to making technical improvements in terms of loading speed , design, and functionality. SEO SEO has a special importance for the digitization of SMEs . Thanks to search engine optimization , this type of organization can compete with large companies in a real way, as well as grow in a sustainable and organic way. Getting good user reviews and virilizing publications on social networks are some of the actions that contribute to SEO . Also, the local positioning optimizations that you can achieve through Google My Business are very convenient .

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