Content-marketing-as-a-lever-for-growth-has-become-utopian Looking ahead to 2020, it’s not uncommon to hear a lot of criticism of content marketing . While some think “too late to do content marketing”, others prefer not to engage in it because “everyone is doing it today” . They refuse to devote time and money to it because “the competition is already in this niche, so it has become impossible to be visible thanks to the content! ” . So, Belgium Phone Number List is the golden age of content marketing really over? Not exactly… Let’s demystify it all together! Content marketing is dead! Long live content marketing! Content at large, and more specifically content marketing, has been king for a long time. Many brands have inevitably seized on this technique which has been exploited to the maximum to attract new customers and develop their business .

Blog posts by the hundreds, pop-up social media posts and over-production of infographics and videos – sometimes to say nothing – have inexorably eroded the power of content … Today, producing content that goes off the beaten track and that differs from that already existing on the web requires extremely sharp expertise. At a time when Google and social media are drowned in unprecedented infobesity, distributing and promoting content marketing is like a real obstacle course. The reason ? Performance indicators for content on the web – in this case on Google – and on social media lack precision and reliability. It is therefore risky to really define the effectiveness of a content marketing strategy, which is why brands hesitate to commit to it. On the budget side, content marketing represents a significant expense item. Indeed, publishing one or two content per month will not bring you any visibility. Many believe that the ideal is to offer content marketing every day! Regularity requires, it is essential to have either the necessary internal resources, or to call on the services of a freelance writer.

In both cases, the final score climbs quickly, especially if we consider that the intervention of a graphic designer, an editorial project manager and an SEO consultant are often necessary to obtain qualitative content that will be intended to position itself and generate commitment … In conclusion, it has become more and more difficult to pull out of the game. But impossible is not French! Of course, you have to work, invest and arm yourself with patience before you can observe the benefits of a B2B content marketing strategy . Because yes, the content still bears fruit today if it is well mastered … Content marketing remains a great opportunity While some do not hesitate to argue that content marketing is already dead and buried, one thing is certain: the majority of digital players are convinced that this technique still has a bright future ahead! Today, quality takes precedence over quantity and that’s good. Seen from this angle, it is indeed the way of doing content marketing which is no longer relevant, but not content marketing itself, which is regaining its letters of nobility.

It has become quite simply impossible to succeed in your content marketing without bringing together the skills necessary for the creation and distribution of content, but above all for tracking their actual performance. Setting up KPIs and calculating the ROI of your content marketing allows you to concretely know the results of your efforts and to readjust your actions if necessary. The target remains the cornerstone of your content marketing strategy. Obviously, your goal is neither to address the entire Earth, nor to position your content in first position on Google on all possible and unimaginable requests. However, you must target your audience precisely according to their needs and expectations. Producing qualitative content that is appreciated by your readers will undoubtedly serve your SEO, which remains to this day the most powerful acquisition lever. As for the budget to devote to your content strategy, rest assured: you don’t have to be Rothschild! Certainly, a minimum of investment will be necessary to obtain results, but quality takes precedence over quantity. The “less but better” is the order of the day. It’s better to produce little content that performs well , rather than bombarding your readers with an astronomical amount of flat, irrelevant content.

The main thing is that your content attracts qualified traffic to your site and opens up new sales opportunities for you. > Read also: Content marketing: how to generate leads with your content? Contrary to what one might imagine, the recurrence of publications is not sacrosanct. Do not deprive yourself of deploying a content marketing strategy on the pretext that you are not able to publish new content every day. The key is to succeed in viralizing your content as much as possible to increase their visibility. To maximize your chances of being relayed, do not hesitate to vary the subjects and content formats. Some are more suitable for sharing, such as infographics or videos for example. It’s a fact: times are changing, and so are sales techniques. However, if you manage to convey the honesty and expertise of your brand through your content, you have every chance of convincing your readers.

To seduce them even more, wrap it all in a modern and attractive design without forgetting the UX design , and add a hint of SEO optimization to charm Google! Content marketing has evolved tremendously over the past few years, so writing mass articles is no longer a hoot. But it has not for all that lost its effectiveness. Finally, boosting growth through a content strategy is not so much a collective utopia. Well thought out, content marketing remains a staunch ally of your inbound marketing strategy and also serves your SEO and your lead generation . The main stake now lies more in your approach, which must skillfully combine several ingredients: analysis of the brand universe, business objectives, technical approach, knowledge of distribution channels and creativity in communication. Web Conversion is here to help you meet these new challenges.

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