range of add-on functionality. Screenshot showing Shopify apps In the app store, you’ll find most of what you need that your theme doesn’t include already. You can also Chad Email List find easy-to-use connectors to plug third-party services (like your CRM or email marketing tool) into your store and share data easily. If you need to integrate deeply with business-critical systems (inventory management, certain CRMs, Chad Email List warehousing, etc.), developers can create custom solutions for almost anything you would ever need to connect to your store. Next, think about what tools and features you need to run your store, and how that will happen. Is it a base-level

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Shopify feature? Does it require an app? What apps are best and how much will you have to invest in them each month? What third-party tech do you have? Think of social and email marketing, ad platforms, etc. Do you have any super deep, uncommon connections such as suppliers, Chad Email List fulfillment, shipping, etc.? What kind of connection do they require? ACTION POINTS: Create a list of your current needs Chad Email List and solutions. Tech partners, third-party services, apps, etc. Figure out the ROI you get from non-mission critical functions and decide if the investment is worth the cost.

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If something like a marketing channel or product display function isn’t producing an ROI, why bring it to a new platform? Decide what you really need to run your Chad Email List ecommerce store. How is it being done right now, and how can you do it better. Could you automate repetitive tasks? Could you create smoother workflows for your staff? STEP 4: MIGRATE AS A TEAM To make the actual migration process Chad Email List sound way simpler than it is, you just have to move over your: Product data Content Customer-based data You can even use spreadsheets (CSV files) to do much of the work.

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