When the coronavirus crisis began, one of the first questions that entered the content market was how it was going to affect the emerging podcast industry. Podcasts were having their golden age, but their consumption patterns were closely linked to ‘dead’ moments. Listeners would listen to them on the way to work, for example, Senegal Email List but those moments had disappeared from their day-to-day pandemic. Although the return to the office is something that is happening now, podcasts did not suffer a drop during these months. Rather, it could be said that what happened is that the pattern of content consumption changed.

During confinement, for example, podcast consumption grew in Spain. Likewise, in recent months, the pull of the audiobook has accelerated, which is not a podcast but helps to see how consumers are increasingly familiar with the model and with the consumption of audio content. The spring of audio is entering .

This opens up new opportunities for brands, who can improve and expand their content strategy by launching or adjusting to podcasts, but it also diversifies the advertising market.

Podcasts are generally monetized with ads, which have the added bonus that listeners are still well received by podcast advertising . Although they are already beginning to notice that the ad load has gone up, listeners continue to accept these types of ads and process them willingly.

All this helps to understand how the advertising market for podcasts has evolved and why the prices of advertising in this format are on the rise. In addition, not only the prices have risen, but also the interest of the advertisers. The latest global data shows that podcasts are attracting more interest from advertisers and also higher investment.

How much do you pay for podcast advertising?
The prices of podcast advertising have remained on an ascending scale, drawing some moments of decline during the first months of the pandemic (when, on the other hand, all advertising prices fell). As explained in Warc based on global data from AdvertiseCast, the cost of advertising in podcasts has continued to climb and has reached a new all-time high after several recorded in recent months.

Prices for the second ad in August were the third highest since early 2020. CPM was paid, on average, at $ 23.65, also up 8% year-on-year.

Generally, the highest prices are paid for the most niche podcasts. The CPM for podcasts between 1,000 and 9,999 listeners is being paid at $ 25.08, an amount that has been stable over the last 20 months.

Although the most popular podcasts were the ones that saw the worst cuts during the first months of the pandemic, they are also now the ones with the largest increases. In August, the 60-second ad was selling for $ 21.84 for podcasts with more than 100,000 listeners per episode. It’s a CPM rise of 15.7% per year.


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