One of the goals of entrepreneurs, businessmen and, basically, anyone who seeks notoriety on the Internet, is to achieve privileged positions in search engines. Jesus Cardenas May 5, 20 | 11 min read keys to appear in google For this reason, in this article we will teach you in a simple and simple way how to appear in Google and stand out from your competition. It is very important to note that to get to the top in Google it is necessary to take into account many details and, at the same time, understand that Romania Phone Number List there are both organic and paid ways to do it. SEM or Seach Engine Marketing are those techniques and actions designed to get ahead in Google by investing money in ads. However, those are strategies aimed at organizations and individuals with significant available capital . Although these investments can be very profitable, for example, when promoting a Landing Page with keywords with high purchase potential, the truth is that you can also opt for organic strategies and good SEO practices that guarantee good results and, at the same time, savings. kit domina google Now, do you know what SEO is? Here we explain it briefly!

What is SEO? The Seach Engine Optimization encompasses those strategies, techniques and actions that organizations can implement to position articles, materials, e-commerce and other websites in Google in an organic way. To apply SEO correctly it takes a lot of planning – and also a lot of experimentation – to start seeing results. What is the same: SEO is a medium and long-term strategy . In a simple and general way, we can say that SEO optimizes sites and blogs to “influence” search engines, including Google, and stimulate them to interpret that their web pages are the most relevant to the public. But here it should be clarified that lies and lies no longer work to appear on the first page of Google! In the early days of the Internet, you didn’t need really valuable content to do this, but after the Panda update, the search engine’s algorithm began penalizing websites that used malicious devices to get to the top.

Ultimately, SEO consists of a methodology so that websites and blogs can produce quality materials for users and optimize them for search engines. So, with this already clear, the question you should be asking yourself is: how to achieve this optimization and appear in Google? That is, what specific actions can be followed to promote positioning? Read on and find out! How to appear on Google? 7 practical actions to achieve it For Google to find or index you is extremely simple, you just have to go to a website, add your address and that’s it. So you will exist for this great search engine in a matter of no time. But, to reach the top in Google it takes many more factors. Next, we will give you some practical advice so that you can review or prepare your sites and articles according to the “guidelines” that Google has to take web pages into consideration in its results. 1.

Take your site’s technical performance to the highest level When talking about technical performance, reference is made to factors not related to content, that is, those elements that provide a better user experience and that Google considers when positioning, which are part of the WPO , among them are:Page speed A website, in theory, to be able to reach the top of Google must be fast when loading on any device. Nobody likes waiting! And Google doesn’t like this happening either . So for this, there are free tools that study your site and tell how fast it is so you can take action on it. Some of them are: Rock Stage Speed ​​Analyzer ; Google PageSpeed ​​Insights ; GTMetrix ; Pingdom; among other. Mobile friendly site More and more users are using their mobile devices to search and, in order for you to appear on Google, your site must, yes or yes, be responsive .

Responsive means that your website loads and displays all the content it has regardless of the device or screen size that the user uses, and that at the same time it does so with coherent and functional formats and designs. For your site to have visibility , it needs to be adapted to the preferences of today’s people. Security of your website Your site must load using “https” for Google to consider it as secure . Security is a sensitive issue for Google regardless of whether you don’t process payments or ask for personal information. For example, Chrome, the Google browser, is classifying as “not secure” all pages that do not load using the SSL certificate . That is, when your website does not have this certificate, the URL appears as “http”, which Google interprets as a sign of insecurity. URL structure The URLs are the addresses that your pages have and that, for some time, are also taken into account to be positioned in search engines. Look at it this way: if the site of your blog for example is ” “, Google will not know, no joke, that that is the address of your blog. On the other hand, if you create structures such as: “ ”, the search engines will detect what content it will find within this site and, thus, it will be able to show it to users. All this is possible when a company understands the importance of building a website, especially when it is intended to incorporate a blog.

In this sense, it is crucial for an organization to think about and study hosting services . The accommodation you choose must have a guaranteed speed and, of course, performance that allows the user to display information on the web and prevent them from abandoning browsing. Another aspect is security, and you must make sure you have a hosting service that has protection against attacks , SSL certificates and firewalls that protect all the information contained in your site. All this favors SEO strategies and will allow your site to reach the top of Google . 2. Master the long-tail keywords If you use SEMRush or Ubersuggest to plan your content, surely you have inquired about keywords with really attractive search volumes, but this does not always mean that you will be able to get a better portion . The keywords long-tail are those that are composed of two or more words and they tend to have less competition.

For example, “shoes” is a keyword with a lot of volume and almost impossible to win in positions ; Instead “suitable running shoes” is a much more specific keyword and you can create more specialized content to get more organic traffic . This does not mean that you cannot dispute for the most searched keywords in your market, but rather that you should start with those that are more specific, because they express more clearly what the user wants to find. Another point is that you attract more traffic to your website if you are in the 1st position of Google for a keyword that 400 users search each month than to reach the 7th position for a term that has more than 15 thousand monthly searches. That’s because the first 3 results take 75% of all clicks from the results pages, according to Moz studies . 3. Write a lot of content, but of quality You’ve probably heard the phrase “quality is better than quantity”, but isn’t it possible to do both? One of the best tips we can give you is that, if you want to reach the top in Google, lean on a Content Marketing strategy to create materials that really help your audience solve their problems, which will make you their choice N ° 1 buy eventually.

To do this, you must prepare articles and written or multimedia materials that meet the needs of your audience and that, at the same time, have the best SEO practices to be taken into account, for example:User intent This is about using keywords and creating content based on what your user wants to find. Therefore, the optimizations you make on your materials must focus on search intent so that they match the results on Google. The best way to understand user intent is to analyze the results that appear on the first page when doing a search! In this way, you will see what information the competitors are providing to the user so that you can produce better content than theirs, which fully answers the question they may have. Other points that you can analyze on the Google results page are: the “people ask too” section; related searches, which appear at the bottom; titles and meta descriptions of the contents that appear; and the terms that appear above in the “Images” section.

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