An interactive digital book can make a big difference and help you achieve your marketing and sales goals. But how does this happen? What are the real advantages and how to produce this type of material? Read on to find out! Clara Borges Mar 13, 20 | 12 min read how-to-create-an-interactive-digital-book-and-what-it-is-for The use of digital books is essential in Digital Marketing actions . It is through them that we generate leads that can be turned into business opportunities. However, the well-known static PDF content format is not the only one available for the production of this type of material. We can also have interactive digital books. Although we interact with many digital media, Egypt WhatsApp Number List It is difficult to imagine how we can interact with a book, isn’t it? Due to this, we prepared this article to show you how this is possible and its importance within a Content Marketing strategy . Let’s go together to find out more about the subject! What is an interactive digital book? It is a type of ebook that is part of an interactive content strategy and that not only informs what is necessary, but also stimulates the interaction that readers can do with the material. An ebook is a rich material, this means that it integrates a Content Marketing strategy in which people download it to acquire knowledge on a certain topic. But how does an ebook interact with its readers?

Here are some examples: While traditional ebooks bring forms to collect information from potential customers , an interactive digital book can do so through content; interactive ebooks bring content that changes as the reader interacts with them; interactive digital books focus on the answer the reader is looking for. Let’s see an example of the three previous points. A person downloads an interactive digital book on Content Marketing and, while reading it, is asked to answer questions such as the following:Do you do Content Marketing? (X) Yes () No Do you apply Content Marketing to a company? (X) Yes () No Are you the owner or manager of this company? (X) Yes () No Would you like to speak with a consultant about how to optimize your content strategy? (X) Yes () NoAs the reader answers the next question, he adapts to that answer. In this example, you answered that you do do Content Marketing, so the next question was whether you do it in a company. If you had answered no, the interactive digital book could have asked you if you would like to use Content Marketing and direct you directly to the topic that talks about the advantages of this type of material. We will talk about that below! What are the advantages of an interactive digital book in an online Marketing strategy? Having an interactive ebook in your strategy brings many benefits.

Next, we are going to list the main ones so that you take them into account when producing yours. 1. Lead qualification This is the first advantage of interactive ebooks. In addition to pleasing the reader, who no longer needs to be passive when reading, it gives the Marketing professional the advantage of qualifying potential customers. Let’s see how the qualification is carried out in some companies through Inbound Marketing . A person downloads an ebook and becomes a potential customer. Then an SDR (Sales Development Representative) analyzes the data filled out in the form to download the material and qualifies you as a potential new customer and then passes it on to a salesperson. So when this lead is contacted, sales reps ask about their goals and challenges in making the best offer. This consumes something that is essential for sellers: time. What if it were possible to carry out these qualification steps and bring even more qualified leads to the sales team ? With an interactive digital book this is possible! Once they complete the questions presented in the ebook, to improve drivability within the content, marketers will be able to take the answers into account when addressing them.

In static ebooks, a standard approach is often: “I would like to know what led you to download this material.” On the other hand, when analyzing the responses of an interactive ebook, the focus changes a bit:«I realized that you are a business owner and that you still do not do Content Marketing and, therefore, you need the help of a specialist in the field. That is why I am making this contact. How can I help you?” Much more precise, isn’t it? 2. A better mobile experience Regardless of the niche in which a company operates, one point cannot be ignored: mobile devices are increasingly outpacing the desktop and one of the reasons for this is very simple: people want to interact. After all, mobile devices (like cell phones, for example) were made for this. Even at a time when they only allowed calls, because that is already a form of interaction. Nowadays, smartphones allow us to use applications to interact with other people, and even games allow multiplayer functions. In other words, a person has the expectation of interacting from the moment they pick up their mobile device. Cell phones have become the main source of Internet access in Latin America. According to the Statista website, the penetration of these devices predicts that by 2025, 73% of Latin Americans have a mobile device , this is approximately 457 million people. With these numbers it is essential that your content strategy is interactive, starting with ebooks.

3. Offers diversity of digital media formats Another advantage that the interactive digital book offers is the possibility of using various formats, including those preferred by the public and those that are becoming trends in Digital Marketing . Let’s look at some main examples. GIFs Everyone loves GIFs , right? Imagine how interesting it would be to include them in an ebook. The traditional PDF format does not allow this, so images are always static. This case, however, is different. Including GIFs (as long as it’s not excessive, of course) can make the reading experience more enjoyable. Audio files Audio files are another excellent option, because they can make the consumption of your content much richer and more useful for your audience. Unlike traditional media that simply bring a link for a person to listen to the audio after reading the ebook (usually in podcast format ), the interactive version allows instant listening, which is ideal for those who like to consume content while they walk, exercise, or come home. Videos And, of course, the videos could not be put aside. Even more so considering that this content format will correspond to 80% of all Internet traffic .

As much as the ebooks are oriented to reading, the videos can complement them, especially in the points that need visual aid. When talking about the benefits of having an interactive business card, the step-by-step of how to do it, through a video, is a great complement. 4. Allows you to monitor the actions performed by the user Can you measure the actions people take after downloading a PDF file? At most, it is possible to use Google Analytics and place a UTM in the text links to know the origin of this access. But that alone is not enough in strategic terms. On the other hand, by adopting an interactive digital book, you will be able to measure both the number of responses to the questions and the views of the types of media included, which can provide ideas to improve content performance. If potential customers are abandoning your reading by answering questions on the first form, you need to improve it. And if they don’t consume audio or video content, this needs to be checked too. Shortening them or improving the quality of production can be some of the ways. What are the main considerations when making an interactive digital book?

Interactive ebooks can be enriched with different content formats: text, images, audio, video, among others. And knowing how to choose them can raise questions before or during production. Content formats that can be used in an ebook The first question is: do you need to decide, before starting, what content formats you are going to use? No! In the same way as in the process of creating a traditional ebook (which requires the insertion of images and graphics afterwards, since it is already written) the interactive digital book may require the insertion of other forms of media to complement the reading. Another very common question is: should I load all these formats into the ebook or just link them? And the answer is: it depends on the case. If the audio or video content, for example, is yours, there is no problem to include it directly in the ebook. On the other hand, if you need to use one that is not yours, it is preferable to place the link (or insert it as a medium as YouTube suggests) to avoid problems related to the use of material that contains copyright .

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