Email marketing has remained over the decades as one of the most profitable communication tools for most companies. According to a study by Campaign Monitor, for every euro invested, an average of € 42 is obtained, which represents an average ROI of 4,200%. Next, we explain how to design Profitable Email Marketing strategies, Bulgaria Phone Number List do not miss it! It may interest you: Postgraduate in Strategic and Product Marketing But to achieve these results, your email marketing strategy cannot be based on opening your email manager and sending emails to your contact list indiscriminately. To get the most out of this medium, you must design email marketing strategies adapted to the characteristics of your business, focused on achieving specific objectives and taking advantage of all the advantages that this medium offers. INDEX OF CONTENTS Is Email Marketing effective? As I already highlighted at the beginning of the article, email marketing is one of the most profitable marketing tools. And this is mainly due to four characteristics for which it stands out:The low cost of email campaigns : The cost of email marketing tools is relatively low and many of them offer free plans up to a subscriber limit. This brings the cost for each email sent close to zero.

The great customization capacity it offers : thanks to knowing the recipient of the message in advance, you can adapt the content of your emails to the characteristics of the recipient. Variety of formats : contrary to what happens with other channels, with email you own the medium and the creative possibilities are endless. You can send from a plain text to an interactive email that resembles the functionalities of a web. Everyday use of email : we all check our email at least once a day. 44% of users check our email between 1 and 3 times a day and 20% more than 10 times a day.

Now that you are clear that you should implement an email marketing strategy in your business, we can begin to analyze how to develop it. Keys to an effective email marketing strategy The following factors are the columns on which your email marketing strategy should be based and if any of them fails it will be as if you were building a building with a weak foundation. What I mean by this is to run away from shortcuts, tricks or “hacks” that ensure spectacular results, fast and with little effort. Your goal should be to create a profitable long-term strategy. Throughout the following points I will show you strategies, techniques and tools to optimize the following points: Recruitment → manage to grow your contact base with potential clients . Interaction → get your contacts to open the emails you send them and to interact with your content. Conversion → optimize profitability by creating campaigns that increase your sales.

Loyalty → take advantage of all the advantages that email marketing offers to increase the loyalty of your customers and ensure the survival of your company in the medium / long term. How to create an effective email marketing strategy In the following I am going to show you email marketing strategies divided into the 3 objectives that you must pursue:Increase your contact list Improve the opening and interaction rate of your campaigns Maximize your profitability How to increase your contact list The first challenge you face when you decide to bet on email marketing is to get a database of potential customers to whom to send your campaigns. But you don’t want just anyone’s data. You have to get the emails of users who are interested in your product / service. This first point is essential, because if the users on your list do not fit in with your target audience, all the efforts you make will be in vain. To achieve this, you must offer something that interests your audience and give it to them in exchange for their contact information. This is known as a ” Lead Magnet ” or contact magnet. 1. CREATE A LEAD MAGNET A lead magnet is a value proposition that you offer to your audience for free in exchange for their contact details. This can be in different formats and each of them will be more or less effective depending on whether your business model is based on offering services, selling products or software as a service (SaaS). Some examples are:eBook : content in electronic book format that deals with a topic of interest to your audience. Webinars: an online seminar where the solution to a problem is dealt with in a practical way. Face-to-face events : where a topic of interest to your audience is discussed. An example is the event that IEBS organized in my city on entrepreneurship. Free course : where you solve a problem for your target audience. A good example of courses are those organized by Leroy Merlin on all kinds of topics.

Special discounts : you can offer a special discount on the first purchase to demonstrate the quality of your service and combat the uncertainty that causes many users not to buy your product. There are also some basic principles that a lead magnet must meet to be effective regardless of the format modality:Offer high-value content → you want the users who consume the content to be impressed by its quality and awaken in them the feeling of gratitude towards your brand by receiving something of value for free. Provide instant gratification → You have to fix a problem / need quickly to ensure that as many users as possible receive their reward. 2. ATTRACT YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS TO YOUR LEAD MAGNET To get your potential customers to download your lead magnet, you must attract them to the form where they will leave their contact information to get it. This form will normally be located on your website, but you can also create campaigns on advertising platforms to achieve it. Content strategy The objective of a content strategy is to offer valuable information to your target audience throughout their purchase decision process. Offering content that solves problems related to your product / service or that connects with the principles and values ​​that attract users to your brand. Paid campaigns One of the main advantages of online advertising is its great targeting capacity. This will allow you to reach your target audience with your lead magnet and increase your contact list.

Collaborations Collaborate with a company that offers a complementary product / service to create a higher value lead magnet. With this, you will not only increase the number of downloads of your lead magnet, but you will also get many leads from the contact list of the company with which you collaborate. POSTGRADUATE IN STRATEGIC AND PRODUCT MARKETING Become a professional with a strategic vision I want to know more! 3. GET YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS TO DOWNLOAD IT FOR YOU To achieve results you must use tools that allow you to dynamically display your forms in prominent areas of your website regardless of the page where your visitors browse. Some interesting functionalities that these types of tools offer are:Floating forms : they allow you to display your magnet leads through floating forms in prominent parts of your website. Exit forms : you can offer your visitors a lead magnet before they leave your website to capture their data through a pop-up window.

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