The customer case study is interesting content to send to your leads in the decision phase: through a concrete example, they can easily see themselves and trust your company more readily. In support of your expertise, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Email Lists successful collaborations and testimonials from (real!) Satisfied customers: enough to support the lead’s decision, to convert him in turn into a customer. How to make a relevant case study for both your leads and your conversion rate? Manual…The customer case study, effective content to convert your leads into customers Before discovering the steps in writing a client case, it is important to identify the issues and the potential. Lead nurturing content highly valued in B2B marketing : the customer story is pleasant content to read. It is written as a screenplay that features real characters in real life, and it has an attractive design.

Offering a customer case study thus allows you to stand out from the crowd: your prospects take pleasure in discovering your customers’ stories, they are in the best conditions to continue their purchasing journey. Communicate transparently to build trust : in the customer-centric approach dear to inbound marketing , you do not “push” your products and services, your customers do it for you! By letting them speak, you demonstrate transparency: a pledge of confidence for your prospects … From the abstract to the concrete to promote prospect projection : most of your marketing content is relatively abstract. A list of arguments in favor of your offer, X advantages of choosing your company, your strengths in computer graphics … by adding a concrete case, you help your leads to better understand what you are selling to them.

The identification of the lead to the customer to consolidate his decision: by reading the case study, the lead realizes that the satisfied customer had the same needs as him, and that your solution answered them. This way he knows he is addressing the right company. You create a sense of security: “if it worked for them, it will work for me too”. digital strategy Carrying out a customer case study: 6 steps to achieve it Step 1: Choose the right client To be convincing, you need to get the prospect to identify with the satisfied customer . Hence the importance of carefully choosing the customer whose journey you will tell… To reach as many leads as possible, choose a customer who represents your core target . Reading your case study, the prospect is convinced that:You know its sector of activity and its business challenges; You are able to fully understand their needs; You are perfectly capable of giving it the expected result – even beyond. 3 upstream precautions: Make sure you get your client’s prior consent . Some companies, having regard to their internal policy, cannot / do not want to communicate on their collaborations. But if their brand does not appear, you lose credibility – lack of transparency.

If possible, identify a reputable company in the targeted industry . Its name attracts and convinces all the more your future customers. Target a client who will be involved in developing the case study . A testimony, an interview, internal figures … so many personalized elements that increase the impact of your content. Step 2: Collect the information Did you get an interview? Congratulations: you will be able to tell your client’s experience in his own words , tell his story. This type of content, personalized and lively, increases the emotional impact generated by your case study. For this to be really effective, prepare the interview beforehand: it is not a question of starting an improvised discussion, you are aiming for an exploitable result. Prepare your questions . Adapt the number of questions to the complexity of the case – and the client’s availability – and ensure their relevance. By anticipating the answer, you measure the relevance of the question. You can also steer the response by adjusting the wording – for example, if you want to emphasize an asset that sets you apart from the competition. Structure your interview chronologically .

This allows the interviewed customer to understand the main thread, thus ensuring the consistency of the rendering. 3 essential parts: the situation before the purchase, the purchase experience, the results obtained. Submit your questions before the interview . Your client prepares for it, you save time when it comes to interviewing him. clearnox-cta 1 Step 3: Structure the customer case study Once the customer testimonial is in hand, you are ready to write your customer case study. Once again proceed chronologically, your reader will follow the story of the customer journey more attentively. Remember: you are telling a story, maintaining a common thread is essential! Part 1: the context. Who is your client? Introduce the characters and the starting situation. Be careful not to take too long, get into the concrete quickly. Part 2: the problem. What was the customer’s need? Develop this part in such a way as to favor the identification of the prospect with the customer: his need is similar, he puts himself in the skin of the character. Part 3: the selection criteria. Why did the company choose you? Why you rather than another? These are all arguments that must play in your favor during the prospect’s decision phase. In addition, the prospect does not necessarily know on which criteria to base his decision, you will thus enlighten him on the strategy to adopt in making his choice. Doing this service to him also makes you “sympathetic” in his eyes. Part 4: collaboration. What solution did you come up with?

What challenges did you overcome? Describe the progress of the project: the prospect wants to know how a collaboration with your company is going in practice, he wants to know what to expect – especially in terms of deadlines and the involvement of his teams (what resources should he mobilize?) . Part 5: the results. Highlight relevant – and rewarding figures… End with a positive remark from the satisfied customer, to create collusion. Be sure to focus on the customer’s point of view : you are not in the position of a salesperson delivering a marketing pitch, you are telling a true story. So be sure to complement your case study with quotes from your client. The result: a dynamic and realistic rendering that arouses the reader’s interest and convinces him. Step 4: Have the client reread the case study This step is essential, to correct any misunderstandings and to check that your client feels in adequacy with what is being told – for example, he makes sure that you do not embellish his words. You are reliable and transparent, which also helps to strengthen your bond with the customer.


Also, do not post anything without its validation : after all, you are hiring the name of his company. Step 5: Format the content Remember: the customer case study is compelling and fun to read ! The layout is therefore central. Now is the time to make the reading easy, and to mark the prospect’s mind. Entrust the text to a graphic designer , for a professional rendering and in line with your target customers. The customer case study is premium content, which you will offer for download, using the data of your prospects. In return, offer them an irreproachable document, with high added value. Step 6: Distribute the content Leverage your efforts, disseminate your customer case study on different media. For example :Publish a mini introductory article on your blog, with a landing page or a download form. Insert relevant call-to-actions into existing blog posts, inviting readers to download the case study. Send your customer case study as an update, via your newsletter . Tap into social media .

For example, distribute advertising via LinkedIn Ads , targeted at companies in the same industry as the client in your case study. Carrying out and disseminating a customer case study takes time and requires thought. For a good return on your investment, your content – content and form – must be impactful. In order to achieve this serenely, you can be accompanied by a web marketing agency such as Web conversion – check out one of our customer cases for illustration! cas-client-clearnox- web conversion Our team can thus take care of: Write the content and create the document; Disseminate your customer case study: identify the communication media, determine the frequency of publication, measure the results … Develop an inbound marketing and ABM strategy : high value-added content in the purchasing journey, the customer case benefits from being part of a global customer acquisition process. Do you have other questions about the customer case study or the best strategy to adopt to boost your customer acquisition?

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