Due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis, all of us at Rock Content have been in mandatory Home Office mode since Monday, March 16. We are more than 550 people, imagine how complex it is! Vitor Peçanha Mar 27, 20 | 6 min read how to do Marketing in times of coronavirus The sales team sends frequent emails about how we are going to avoid a possible drop in new business. They insistently ask for new content and actions to help them with this very delicate moment. If your life hasn’t changed drastically in the last two weeks, Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List prepare for it to be only a matter of time. The Covid-19 virus will affect everyone (perhaps the only exception is the confined participants of a reality show). From a professional point of view, your habits will change, your company will be put to the test and in a few months everything will be different. With few exceptions, we will all go through a period of low sales, clients will disappear due to insecurity with the economic scenario and financial adjustment. And what is the situation of Marketing in all this history?

It continues to be extremely important, but it is time to adapt quickly, because in this crisis, there is no point in doing more of the same. At this point, we have to think on two different fronts: What should I do to mitigate the problems now? How should I act today to avoid future losses? The acid test for your brand is now There is a natural tendency to talk about Content Marketing with a strong focus on its predictability and its metrics. In a quiet moment, that makes perfect sense. But we are not living in a quiet moment! Of course, monitoring visits, conversions, CAC, etc., is still extremely important, but this is the time to open your eyes a little and target something that has a great impact on the future of your business: how do you is your brand facing the current situation? Your brand will be tested and this goes way beyond the marketing department. The way you treat your employees, your communication errors, your correct actions and the decisions you make to help society is being observed. And what can and should the marketing department do? Change your content for information that helps people’s immediate needs and calms them down. Surely there is some knowledge, in your area, that can help with this.

Here at Rock we are investing in content about Home Office and texts like the one you are reading now; stay close to directors to publicize positive actions to combat the virus and prevent posts that could be construed as opportunistic on behalf of the company; closely monitors the evolution of the local and global scenario; assesses all the ways the company can help at this time and how to suggest them to the board of directors for disclosure. In this article, for example, you can find information about Home Office . Also, we have made the Rock Content University courses available to NGOs and public schools for free. These are just a few essential examples so that your brand can navigate this turbulent period and come out with a positive reputation in the future. And of course helping others which is always the right thing to do. And the generation of demand? Well, the first step is to accept reality: the current moment will be scarce for almost all of us, that is, there is a real risk that your goal will not be reached. On the other hand, it doesn’t make sense for us to stand still. Sellers are counting on us and throwing in the towel is not an option! It is time to get creative and take advantage of every possible opportunity.

If you already have a content strategy in place, your funnel traffic will likely not suffer much impact, which will already guarantee visibility and potential customers. The problem will be to convert these leads into customers, since no one is sure of closing new deals. This is where marketing comes in. Some examples: use informational content, already mentioned in the sales process, to reduce lead anxiety. One tip is to ask marketers what their biggest fears and objections are, and create top-of-the-funnel content to help with that;Examine the main objections right now and create middle and bottom funnel materials to get around them. Here you can use sales enablement materials , case studies and webinars;If it is within your means, offer discounts or special payment conditions for a while, until everything calms down. Although this action may not guarantee income, it can at least guarantee the maintenance of your clients;Reverse part of your paid media strategy from the bottom to the middle of the funnel , this will accelerate the generation of leads and, at the same time, are actions that can be carried out with marketing and sales automation. Actions like these will ensure that the loss is not so great, as your sales team will be better prepared to deal with customer insecurity and help them make the best decision.

Preparing for the future The advice we have given so far is to help you make the most of an extremely negative situation and reduce its impact on your company. Luckily this moment will pass and we have to be ready to return with everything. Something that surprised us at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic was that the large number of companies that depend on events to generate demands was evidenced. In some cases, we saw entrepreneurs commenting that more than 60% of their leads are generated at events. For many companies, paid media is losing momentum right now, because:Ads are generally focused on a bottom funnel; people’s buying intentions are very low, especially in B2B. These two factors are specific, since the construction of your brand, reputation and audience lasts over time and will not cease to exist now. Therefore, routine marketing activities should not stop. As we noted above, facing the litmus test to make your brand useful, relevant, and help others will not only help you survive this crisis, it will create a permanent positive impact. When everything calms down, you can bet it will help you do business! The audience that you are building over time is not going to disappear either.

Your top-of-the-funnel content will continue to be useful and sought after by people, whether it’s in the office or in isolation. Yes, there will be a fall, but it probably won’t be that bad, and it’s also temporary! So far, Rock Content traffic has dropped 10% on average. That is, even if leads are not becoming customers now, at least you continue to generate them and your content is helping people who, in the future, will be in a better position to do business. If you are one of the people who does not sleep at night due to event cancellations, I suggest you start investing in creating your own channels . It’s no wonder so many companies are investing in podcasts, newsletters, and blogs today. Take care of your team Times of uncertainty are complicated for everyone and, professionally, they require great efforts and sacrifices. If you have a team, it is your responsibility to help them get through this. So never stop paying attention to the physical and mental health of your team .

Asking them to not only keep doing a good chunk of the routine, but also face pressure from salespeople, come up with new strategies on a sensitive stage, produce more and more content, etc., can be extremely exhausting. To complicate matters, everyone is probably already working in isolation, which helps with anxiety for many people and can further damage work and emotional exhaustion. Hold frequent meetings, preferably with the computer’s camera on, always available to help, and always ask how they’re feeling. If you are not a manager, pay attention to your coworkers, because we are in a moment of physical isolation does not mean that we should also isolate ourselves socially. Send messages, make quick video calls. We are living in a unique moment, that is true, but we can take comfort in the fact that, at least, it is temporary.

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