Content marketing is on the rise and is being used by more and more businesses. As a result, it becomes more and more difficult to be heard among the noisy crowd of content. One of the ways to achieve being heard, while providing value to your audience, is to influence outreach, or the awareness of influencers. Influencer outreach: what are the differences with influencer marketing? The influence of marketing is to rely on an influencer, that is to say a person with a certain audience, holds a prescribing authority, UK Phone Number List to promote its brand. In exchange, the influencer receives financial compensation, promotional benefits or even benefits in kind. Used for many years with bloggers and social media stars, this strategy has since shown its limits . Influencer marketing takes a lot of time, for results that are difficult to measure and sometimes inconsistent. On the other hand, influencer awareness, influencing outreach , is the most familiar online customer acquisition channel. strong growth in recent months, ahead of paid search and email marketing. Influencing outreach, a relevant B2B strategy Influencer outreach is a form of influencer marketing, since this strategy involves persuading influential leaders to promote your brand .

Sending tweets, participating in blog articles, creating videos, highlighting your products and services… This promotion can take many forms. In B2B, an easy way to influence influencer outreach can be to promote your B2B blog posts. > Read also: 5 tips for finding new article topics for your B2B blog How to develop a strategy to influence outreach in B2B? You should first identify the influencers relevant to your business. You can rank influencers based on three criteria: content adequacy, reach, and engagement. It can be a very active person on Linkedin who is an authority in his field, a specialized blogger or an actor of the sector whose positions on Twitter are very followed. Before contacting these influencers, it is necessary to determine their compensation , which is not necessarily financial. A well-targeted influencer may be content with reaching out to a new audience, or simply having their opinion recognized and valued, without asking to receive promotional perks.

Design your outreach strategy before posting content on your B2B blog A very simple way to proceed is to contact an influencer before writing an article, to ask them to contribute . For an important influencer, potentially in high demand, this could be a single question asked quickly on social media. Conversely, influencers with a smaller audience will be more willing to answer a few questions by email or phone. Since they will have been involved in the production of this article, you can be sure that they will share the said article themselves on their social networks.. You will thus reach a larger target, and qualified, without having to spend a single penny. To promote the expertise of your influencer – and reasonably flatter his ego – you can even offer him a forum on your corporate blog. For the operation to be successful, you must offer an interesting topic to your influencers.

They will be better able to accept your request if it relates to a topic that fascinates them, a real issue in their sector. Capitalize on your old blog posts In addition to integrating outreach into the production of your future content, you can reread your old articles to identify all the people or companies mentioned. For each mention, let the person concerned know that an article is about them. The person in question will no doubt feel flattered, and will again be more inclined to share your article. While requiring few resources, an influencing outreach strategy offers the possibility of reaching a larger target and standing out, at a lower cost. Why not give it a try?

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