Ask them to ask questions in the story Solomon Islands B2B List Another Instagram feature that helps you better understand your customers’ preferences is question stickers. When Instagram users view your story with stickers, they can type questions Solomon Islands B2B List into the stickers. There is no limit to what people can ask, so they can stay creative and ask all kinds of questions. See an example: Ask questions in stories After adding a question tag, your followers can type in the question that appears in their inbox. If you decide to answer, you will Solomon Islands B2B List need to create a separate story with the photo/video and the answer.

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Additionally, you can ask questions and invite Solomon Islands B2B List your followers to write their responses. It’s a great way to get feedback when you’re launching a new product or service. Here’s how to make the most of your question post: Remind your Solomon Islands B2B List followers to be confidential: Your followers may be wary of asking questions. So you need to make sure they know that you will be the only one who knows who asked a particular Solomon Islands B2B List question. Always answer the question: Even if you don’t want to publicly display the question or answer, don’t ignore it. Reply to them via DM. Be creative

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Give your followers freedom of choice. Whether they want to Solomon Islands B2B List share their thoughts or ask a question, let them hear. When you allow your followers to ask questions, you show that you take care of them. Also, their questions Solomon Islands B2B List can imply that they want to know about your brand and products. 4. Read customer reviews If you think a lot of comments on your posts are pointless, bad news for you. There are several Solomon Islands B2B List reasons to keep an eye out for comments: to get to know your followers better, build relationships with them, get inspired and get feedback.

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