They wanted to get to know the city and Mexico B2B List experience the atmosphere on campus. Bas and Lothar devised a campaign to radiate innovation by means of AR, to get to know the city and to introduce students to the university. Do you ever get confused between the difference between AR and VR? Bas explains it nicely on the basis Honduras B2B List of the image below. In short: with VR you are in the virtual world. With AR you add virtuality to the ‘normal’ world. The difference between VR and AR. There are already several social AR platforms in which you can create designs. Three well-known platforms: Spark AR (from Facebook) Snap Honduras B2B List chat TikTok Although Snapchat and TikTok are further along in terms of technological developments

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Spark AR is easier to import. And there Mexico B2B List are already more than 2 million camera effects. The University of Antwerp therefore chose Spark AR as the platform to build in their case for their case. How do you start with an AR experience? Together Mexico B2B List with an agency, the University of Antwerp devised 5 experiences at 5 locations in Antwerp in which the ‘future had to come to life’. These locations are well-known spots so that students get to know the city. Because redesigning AR applications is time-consuming, the University chose Honduras B2B List to adapt existing models. A number of existing models have been purchased.

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These still had to be converted to Mexico B2B List Spark AR. A time consuming job. Then they had to be animated. You can see how that happened in the image below: AR of the UvA. After the 5 animations were created for the different locations, the experiences Honduras B2B List were tested (ads were shown with a QR code at bus shelters throughout the city). For extra visibility, current students and influencers shared the AR route on their social accounts. This was widely shared and the campaign gained a lot of visibility as a result. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Honduras B2B List Now you are probably curious: did this campaign also yield something? Yes, of course! The social AR filters were viewed tens of thousands of times.

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