The interactive map allows you to embed a map on a website. It is not just a road map, it can also be a picture or a diagram. With this type of content, visitors have an incredible engagement experience. Ivan de Souza Mar 2, 20 | 6 min read interactive maps and their possibilities For the Digital Marketing actions of a company to be implemented efficiently, it is important that its processes are well structured, and that includes defining which channels will be used.

Interactive maps are an example and, if you still don’t know how they can be used in Marketing, keep reading the post! Current trends in Digital Marketing point to an increase in the interaction between people and companies. That’s one of the biggest corporate growth bets for our time, India WhatsApp Number List so you can’t put interactive content aside . So, in this article we are going to show: What is an interactive map? How can interactive maps be used in a Content Marketing strategy? What are the advantages of an interactive map? How to create an interactive map? What examples of interactive maps are there? What is an interactive map? Interactive maps allow you to embed a map, an image, or a diagram on your website .

What makes it interactive is the fact that people can click the mouse, if they are using the computer, or touch the screen, if they are using a mobile device, to enable its functions, such as:photos and informative texts; playback of videos and audios; links to other content; questionnaires; different directions according to the answers of the questionnaire. How can interactive maps be used in a Content Marketing strategy? The objective of Content Marketing is to attract the right audience to generate greater business opportunities. The main tool of this strategy is the content, which can take different forms:blog posts, ebooks, infographics , among others. Therefore, the use of interactive content makes this experience more interesting, enjoyable and entertaining. Let’s see an example of how interactive maps can meet this objective within Content Marketing .

Imagine that you want to produce content from the bottom of the Marketing funnel so that your website visitors become more familiar with your company. For this, you can use an interactive map for people to take a virtual tour of the company and verify the information in the most diverse media formats (text, video, audio and images). The advantages of an interactive map Here we present the main benefits that interactive maps generate when they are inserted into your company’s website. Better browsing experience In general, one of the objectives of a business website is to increase the time that visitors navigate through its pages . Interactive maps help to achieve this.

After all, once a person begins to explore the map, their interest in navigating will be greater, which will cause them to stay longer on the site. Here it should be remembered that the time spent on the page is an important factor for SEO strategies , since search engine algorithms such as Google interpret that websites that retain users for more minutes do so because they provide them with relevant content. More complete data on visitors In addition, interactive maps can gather information that is important for marketing team , especially in generating leads . Static materials of value such as ebooks and infographics are regularly used to obtain leads , since the visitor, to download the material, fills out a form. Take the example of a travel agency that wants to know the tourist interest of its prospects. The form can include fields such as: where would you like to go; activities that you would like to do in that place; the three tourist spots you most want to go to there.

An interactive map can make the lead conversion experience that much more interesting, as, as the person explores the map, fields may appear that say: click on the country you want to know; tell me what you would like to do in that place; Come closer and click on the tourist spots you want to visit the most to get more information about them. More possibilities of conversion in sales The intention of Marketing in the generation of leads is to take them to the sales team to convert them into customers. And for that, the more information gathered from potential customers, the better.

Interactive maps generate reports on all the participation of the person who accessed them , and this data can be extremely important for sales. After all, suppose that a potential customer has shown interest in certain points on the map when interacting with them. The seller can use this information to better understand what the user wants and therefore carry out a more appropriate business process. In fact, the pages of the interactive maps can be dynamic, that is, automatically showing users different versions according to the interactions they make. lead generation How to create an interactive map The first step in creating an interactive map on your website is to define the objectives to be achieved from it. Like marketing strategies, this planning is essential for successful implementation. The next step is to determine the tool with which the map will be made. Here are two tools that make this type of creation possible. Google maps Google Maps is dedicated to consultations and generation of geographic maps, being a widely used resource to show the physical location of companies.

This insertion is done in a very simple way. First, you must enter the desired address in the search bar. Then simply click “share” and put the displayed HTML code on your website. Ion Interactive Ion is a solution for creating interactive content in general. Thus, if the need is to create a more specific map than a simple geographic map, this is the correct option. To find out how you can use ion to create interactive maps, you must request a demo of the tool . However, we present below some examples of maps made in this software. 2 interesting examples of interactive maps made in IonBASF One of the ideas applied on the BASF website through Ion was to allow visitors to create a virtual seaside park with the intention of protecting the Red Hook neighborhood from natural storms.

The interactive map makes people explore the park through the website. UBM With the arrival of London Technology Week, the UBM team turned to ion to create a fun and interactive experience on their website. In it, the interactive map allowed visitors to take a virtual tour of the event, even in real time. As you can see, interactive maps are very effective in attracting the public within a digital strategy. In addition, its efficiency is equally excellent at the time of conversion. After all, a Marketing strategy not only aims to attract, but also to awaken the interest of people in the offers of your company and make them make the purchase decision . Therefore, it is very important to use interactivity to provide your potential customers with information that will help them buy your product or service according to their needs. And so that you know how it works, learn everything about interactive content and the possibilities they can bring to your digital strategy in this complete guide we made on the subject!

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