Interactive videos are digital content that, thanks to information and communication technology resources, allow interaction with the user from an immersive experience. Laura Bernardes Jan 11, 20 | 10 min read what-are-interactive-videos This type of format is very useful to increase public engagement and, in addition, it provides several benefits to companies, including much more data so that, in this way, sales and Marketing teams increase their performance. When we talk about interactive videos, it is very likely that the first thing that comes to mind is the episode “Bandersnatch”, from the Black Mirror series, due to the popularity that the Netflix production has achieved, becoming a point of reference for innovation in this segment.

The episode brings several moments of interaction with the viewer, who can choose between five different endings. Despite being considered a recent technology, interactive content is not something new and, furthermore, there has always been an interest in improving this interaction in the most diverse media. This modality was widely used on television in game shows and reality shows. But, unsurprisingly, Thailand Whatsapp Number List the Internet exponentially raised the level of interaction. From social networks and the possibility of reacting and commenting on publications, participating in online surveys to reaching interactive videos. For those who want to keep up to date and are concerned about constantly innovating their Marketing strategy, it is very important that you keep an eye out for all these new possibilities of using videos to boost a brand . So take a look at everything you’ll find in this special interactive video post we’ve put together to help you on this mission! What are interactive videos? Advantages of using interactive videos How Interactive Videos Fit Your Marketing Strategy Examples of interactive videos.

Let’s go together to find out more about the subject! What are interactive videos? Who doesn’t like to have control in their hands? It is not new that communication-related vehicles seek more interaction with the public, so it is not surprising that now interactive videos have also been added to this story. But, after all, what are interactive videos? In a very simplistic way, we can define them as digital videos that support user interaction . If we think about a comparison with its predecessor, linear video, we can better see this evolution. Let’s think about the differences with linear videos in a practical way: until then, the viewer could pause, play, speed up and jump to another point in the video. That was the most influence you could have on the movie. With interactive videos, on the other hand, the user is able to define the direction, the following scenes, the continuity and the result of the content, which means a really gigantic leap, since in the previous modality his role was only that of a simple spectator. In other words, I stop being a mere passive consumer of videos to become, in a way, a co-producer of the material with which you are interacting. Advantages of using interactive videos It is very evident that interactive videos are on the rise. There is also a consensus that they are fundamental elements in any Digital Marketing strategy committed to innovation. What not everyone is clear about is the real benefits that this type of content can bring to a Marketing campaign. We are going to list its main benefits below. Continue reading! Simplify the message Is it important to you that your message is better understood?

The audiovisual has been highlighted for some time as the most complete way of showing concepts, allowing the interlocutor to use the most diverse image and sound resources to help the receiver understand what is being transmitted. Interactive videos add an even more powerful tool for this goal: interacting with the content. Increase engagement Speaking of attention, in the report Digital Video and The Connected Consumer , produced and distributed by Accenture, it was revealed that 87% of consumers use more than one electronic device at the same time, which makes the dispute for the audience be even more intense. And it gets even deeper when it comes to engaging our audience. The word interaction, in itself, already summarizes the great differential that interactive videos can bring to the engagement of your audience. Optimize experiences Much has been said about the customer experience within company processes. Every day more and more people understand the value of offering a truly enjoyable experience – from start to finish – to your target audience. Also in this sense, research, with a focus on a better understanding of the public and their needs, is becoming more and more frequent. Interactive videos also help in this mission by giving consumers a more natural and direct opportunity to ” personalize ” content according to their preferences.

The results of this interaction can also help in proposals to improve this experience as a whole. Which brings us to the next point. Improve data and metrics Yes, since consumer interaction is a demonstration of their preferences, collecting this data can become a good metric to understand your audience, as well as help you offer them content that is increasingly aligned with their real needs and desires. . This type of information does not apply only to the production of new interactive videos, but also to the development of the content as a whole and, in addition, to the way in which you communicate with the consumer by other means. Increase brand popularity It is not enough to be attentive to innovations , it is also necessary to participate in them. The public, for the most part, gives a lot of value to companies that are dedicated to modern activities and aligned with technological advances and innovation. And they tend to pay more attention to it and even see it with different eyes. One always expects something new from a brand, which keeps the consumer, in fact, on the lookout for posts and pronouncements. When this expectation is met, in a way, it also boosts your audience’s engagement .

How do interactive videos fit into a marketing strategy? After all these reasons to use interactive videos, we believe that adding them to your Marketing strategy is already part of your plans, isn’t it? You already have an overview of the relevance of Content Marketing itself. Not only in your Marketing plan, but also in the way in which it integrates several sectors, in a single approach in order to achieve the main objectives of the company. Content is an essential and indispensable piece in building a brand and in general communication with the consumer, whether it is to attract truly relevant leads , or to increase engagement and improve the experience of the target audience. In a report published by Forbes in 2018 , the video format was considered the most effective way to reach people. And, as we mentioned in the advantages, this tool adds a lot to the way of distributing a message. Interactive content was definitely here to innovate and stay. Not including it in your strategy would be a mistake, given the market trends and all the benefits mentioned. To help you in this decision and in how to apply it, we highlight some points that demonstrate how interactive videos can be easily integrated into the Marketing actions that you are already carrying out at this time. Find out below! SEO You already have an SEO strategy and probably, due to its importance, you always keep updating yourself to learn the best practices.

Therefore, you know very well that relevant videos help improve the position of your pages and, consequently, increase website traffic from search engines . Social networks Also, for some time now, videos have stood out among the post formats on the major social networks. It is not surprising that today there is more space and options for them – either to watch or to share – in integrations between the main platforms: Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Gamification In the last two years, gamification has been gaining more and more space in the fields of Marketing and there are already many people taking advantage of this strategy. And interactive videos are a great fit for this tactic. Branding The brand awareness , always in Marketing plans, gains a true ally with the use of interactive videos. Not only because the public tends to see great value in companies that adhere to innovations, but also because of the simple fact that interacting with the brand, or with a video of a certain brand will increase the chances of it being remembered in an opportune moment. Examples of interactive videos As promised, here are some interactive video examples to inspire you. Check them out below! Bob Dylan – Like a Rolling Stone Interactive Music Video To launch a new Bob Dylan box, Sony Music and Eko decided to promote one of their biggest hits through an interactive video that had a great impact and went viral .

In just one day, the content already had more than 1 million views. Another highlight about this production was the intelligence of the team by including a “guide” during the execution of the video, which was very helpful so that everyone understood how it worked and could actually interact with the film. Disney – The Jungle Book Interactive Video At the launch of their new live-action movie, Disney along with Wirewax – the company that developed the video – offered fans the opportunity to see up close how this type of filming was done. This action reinforced one of the advantages that we already mentioned of using interactive videos: they allow, by using all the available resources, to simplify a concept that could seem a little more complex. After all, it was much easier to understand and see how live action is produced, wasn’t it? Allianz Global Investors Interactive Video In this video we can see how interactive content is aligned with other elements of the Marketing strategy, such as gamification, very present in this production. The Allianz Global video was made to meet the demand for human resources and is aimed at an audience of millennial professionals, in light of the difficulties the company was facing at the time in recruiting new talent.

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