This new option is only available for Paraguay B2B List professional accounts. So you must have a business account or a creator account. It is a handy option to indicate, for example, the start of an event, or when a promotion or discount Paraguay B2B List campaign starts. If you add the date to the post, your followers who have ‘reminders’ turned on will receive a number of reminders. 24 hours in advance, 15 minutes in advance and when the ‘event’ starts. In such a reminder, your followers see the name of the event or promotion, the name of Paraguay B2B List your organization and a link to the post in which the reminder is included. How does it work? You can (currently) only add a reminder to a post.

The Purchase of a Product

The option is a little hidden. If you click Peru B2B List on ‘Tag people’ before posting your post or Reel, the option ‘Invite Contributor’ will appear. If you then invite someone via that button, that person will receive a notification and can reject or accept the request. An example of a collab post: collab post on instagram It can be seen at the top   Peru B2B List the post that this is a collab post. The post’s name will appear first, as will the profile picture, followed by the account that has accepted the invitation to ‘contribute’. A collab post on Instagram. 3. Instagram reminders Since January this year you can add reminders to your Instagram Paraguay B2B List posts.

Change People

This is how Instagram’s algorithm Peru B2B List works Hopefully, with this new feature Instagram. Inboxes will remain a bit “cleaner” so that the important messages are less likely to be overlooked. Liking Stories on Instagram. 2. Collaborate on Paraguay B2B List a collab post Another cool new feature: collab posts. You can now share your post with someone else. The post will therefore appear on both pages, and the likes, shares and Paraguay B2B List comments add up. An interesting option to increase your reach. How does it work?

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