More ins & outs about Brunei Email Lists Write convincing and effective online texts and respond to your readers? Discover in 5 steps what a good text meets and how you can motivate and activate people with articles. View for free! Read 8 comments Brunei Email Lists Others also read How to create & use Instagram filters Why Twitter should stay as it is Exciting! 9 words that differ considerably in Dutch & Flemish About the authorDo you want to write ‘neatly’? Then you quickly exaggerate. Before you know it, you sound like a long-retired civil Brunei Email Lists servant with dusty language from 1950. Curious about the six persistent words which, no, which I, as editor-in-chief and text corrector, I delete as much as possible? Read more! Estate agents are Brunei Email Lists notorious for: ‘the garden, which is located on the south’.

Less by Sowing

That cringe-inducing word proliferates Burkina Faso Email List like weeds through numerous tough texts. Fortunately, many people resist that ‘withering’. There are more of those style flowers to weed out of your writing, such as , however, and—perhaps Burkina Faso Email List to your surprise— this one . 1. However 2. If 3. This 4. Which 5. Hair 6. Te 1. However ‘The text had to be in clear language. However, that was no easy task.’ No wonder: however is a typical ‘difficult word’. It is formal and therefore people are less likely to understand the sentence. Moreover, there Burkina Faso Email List are hooks and eyes to the sentence construction. To start with the latter: ‘However, that was not an easy job’, some people think Dutch is good and others don’t. ‘However, that was not an easy job’: that sentence is possible, but it is constructed quite exceptionally.

Most Common

So it quickly goes wrong with Burkina Faso Email List  that word. And it sounds a bit wooden anyway, because ‘however’ never sounds good. It is pure written language. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives: ‘But that was no easy task.’ “Still, it wasn’t Brunei Email Lists that simple.” With but you always have a useful option (tip: yes, you can start a sentence with that). And often there is also something to come up with that fits in the context. 2. If “If the front-end continues to run in the same way”: even on Frankwatching such a sentence slips through once in Brunei Email Lists a while. If , what do you need that word for if you can just write as ? You may have learned that “if” is too general and “if” and “when” are more precise. Forget that. ‘If’ is always clear. Another gem from a corona advice on a site for entrepreneurs

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