Dare (business) to stand for something Are you an Iceland Phone Number gray mouse online and agree with everyone? Then people scroll through quickly. Shame! By mapping out your opinions on your main topic and really standing up for an idea, you’ll make a few enemies, but a lot more friends. Strong points of view increase your visibility. It generates attention Iceland Phone Number and you use it to address people who can identify with you and are therefore happy to buy from you (often out of recognition or a good feeling).

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Be Oversensitive Either

And those few enemies, you keep them. The more Iceland Phone Number often you do this, the thicker your skin. Strategy helps! Whether you have set it up very actively or use it unconsciously: strategy helps. Maybe you have a subconscious LinkedIn strategy, maybe you have it tight on paper. However you approach it: a strategy ensures that the effort you put Iceland Phone Number in comes back to you and that you remain clear in your approach and message. That way you stay closest to yourself and most authentic.

Keep Smiling

It is important that you choose a strategy that suits Iceland Phone Number you and that is feasible so that you can apply it consistently. 5. Be consistent Consistency is everything: in healthy eating, exercising, sleeping, in your work and certainly also in your presence on social media. Do you get stressed at the idea of ​​having to post 5x a week? Then leave it. Start small, but Iceland Phone Number get the rhythm going so people know not only what to expect from you, but when. Responding and posting structurally with fifteen minutes a day ensures visibility and reliability among your followers.


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