Jetpack is one of the most complete plugins for WordPress websites. This extends the traditional functionality of the platform and allows you to manage with more resources, optimize the performance of the website and customize the pages more easily. Ivan de Souza Feb 26, 20 | 7 min read jetpack WordPress plugin Project management in WordPress is the reality of many Marketing professionals and developers, who work with larger websites.

In this page management routine, the needs are the most varied, from configuration to customization. Among the add-ons that can offer useful tools, Jetpack is perhaps the most popular and functional. As a proposal, this application is designed to improve the work behind a WordPress site, and for that, it offers metric monitoring capabilities, security improvement, Marketing automation , among many others. When installed, it becomes a true toolbox, Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List which greatly facilitates the operational routine of site administration in WordPress. In this post, our topic will be the Jetpack! We are going to see some important points, such as:What is the Jetpack? What are the benefits of Jetpack? How to install and configure Jetpack in WordPress? Keep reading and get to know the possibilities of this plugin in depth! What is the Jetpack? Jetpack is a WordPress plugin focused on providing a series of functionalities and resources that can be applied in the administration, configuration and monitoring of websites, blogs and e-commerce . The purpose of this application is to offer a more complete panel aimed at different segments, from institutional projects to blogs , with content strategies.

The most interesting thing about this plugin is that it expands the functionality for those who use WordPress installed on the hosting, and not in the full version, with the hosting on . Therefore, all the tools available in the traditional version of the CMS platform are active, which makes the page management routine even more practical and functional. Modules make it easy to use Managing a website from a dashboard full of options can be confusing, raising concern for the professionals responsible for this job. However, one of the highlights of Jetpack is the fact that the scope of available features is fully customized. This possibility allows activating only the tools that make sense for the routine of the administrator of that site. In the plugin configuration, right after installation, the desired modules are chosen and then only what matters can be kept active. This feature makes navigation much easier and simplifies operation.

The idea of ​​Jetpack is also developed with the possibility of giving this autonomy to the user. Constant development In a more practical analysis, it is easy to see that Jetpack is a plugin that simply extends all the functionality of to the sites that install the CMS on the hosting server . Therefore, the plugin is constantly updated to meet the needs of developers on the platform. What are the benefits of Jetpack? It’s no coincidence that Jetpack is considered one of the best WordPress plugins! Using it allows you to have greater control over the complete administration of the sites, monitor the results, automate Marketing activities and guarantee all their security. There are many possibilities, which reinforces how essential it is to have such a complete application. All of these features represent a long list of benefits that the Jetpack user can take advantage of. Learn about the main ones below and understand more about each one.

Uptime monitoring Among the main hosting services on the market, most of them attach great importance to uptime, that is, the uptime that a website stays in the air . Ideally, it should be 100%, but for protection reasons, most adaptations guarantee a 99.99% Service Level Agreement (SLA). In Jetpack, the user has a monitor that allows monitoring this activity in a practical way, verifying at any time if this guarantee is being fulfilled. Jetpack Monitor checks the website every five minutes and if a donation is not made in some of these checks, an email is sent to the administrator of the page. Monitoring helps to keep the website always available and if there is a problem, look for the solution immediately. Statistics panel The metrics are also part of the job site management. Knowing the visit rate, the time spent on each page, as well as many other numbers, is important when solving problems or looking for optimization possibilities . Therefore, Jetpack offers support for metrics, with a full dashboard that brings the main indicators in an easy way. The user can fully customize this environment, which means that they can select which metrics appear on this screen. In this way, monitoring becomes more dynamic, as it is possible to prioritize which numbers are most important and then highlight them. CDN service for images Jetpack is a plugin managed by Automatic, which also has a product called Photon.

The is a CDN that the company makes available as one of the tools included in the package of resources offered by the plugin, that is, the user has full access to the central possibility of Photon: optimizing the loading of images from the site! ! A C DN service for photos is a function that distributes access points, that is, replicas of the company’s data center, in different parts of the world. Therefore, as a result, the photos on the website load much faster , without disturbing the browsing experience of the users. On heavier sites, like virtual stores , Photon can help a lot! Safety features Jetpack also offers the Protect tool, a system to protect against attack attempts and forced entry into the database of the managed site. Any incorrect access attempt is blocked, since this tool constantly monitors the activities of the pages . In practice, Protect checks for any login attempts, but with a focus on those that fail due to an authentication failure. In such cases, especially if they are consecutive and from the same IP address, an intrusion attempt can be configured. Therefore, Protect monitors and records all these activities, which are accessible to the WordPress user.

Publish subscription tools Retaining readers is a great strategy in Content Marketing , since it generates a greater flow of visits, in addition to natural conversions. One very simple Jetpack tool that helps with this is subscriptions which, as the name implies, make it easy to subscribe to blog posts. Thus, in an easy way, it installs on the pages, through a widget, the possibility of subscribing to receive the publications directly by email. This ensures that more people see the content, as the subscription takes them directly to them, making the process easier and increasing visits. Backup support Backing up a website is one of the everyday necessities that can never be put aside. After all, losing all the content on the pages can be irreparable.

Jetpack also supports real-time backup , ensuring that up-to-date content from the entire site is always saved, avoiding any loss. Therefore, failures, errors or even attempted attacks are less dangerous with regard to the loss of fundamental components and registrations of the pages. Jetpack backup is complete and keeps the site safe at all times, without interruption. Page load accelerator Slow websites are terrible for the browsing experience, and more than that, there are bigger consequences, like Google penalties. Not appearing in the first search results is detrimental, and it is all about how the site meets the SEO parameters. This page load time is one of them, so Jetpack directly supports the problem. The website accelerator allows you to make adjustments to the page settings. They are nothing less than SEO-based optimizations , improving performance and making all your pages load faster.

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