Monographic course on Internet Law at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies Know the legal responsibilities that exist in the digital environment to protect your company Course on e-Marketing at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies To learn about E-Marketing, identify the strategies, Guyana Email List their implementation and their success stories The number of visits to the Web is the first indicator of the success or failure of an Internet company The presence in search engines, sponsored links and consulting work prior to the creation of the website, keys to achieving the objective of reaching a high number of visits.

Getting visits to the Web is the great challenge and one of the objectives of companies that have online activity, especially those that market products and services to the general public through the Internet or simply advertise them. The number of visits is an important indicator when assessing the success or failure of certain business models on the Internet. The key is how to increase them., a company that focuses its activity on developing business on the Internet, has created a series of procedures, technologies and tools that help improve the presence of companies on the Web.

Keys to get visits on a website Positioning: SEO and Presence in search engines Currently, search engines are the means most used by users to access the information offered by a website. By inserting keywords, the interested party gets optimal results in their search. For this reason, a correct construction of the Web page is very important, which allows the search engine to analyze it, collect the keywords from it and place us in the top positions when the user uses them. Sync conceives the Web pages of its clients with the idea of ​​facilitating the work of search engines.

According to Yago Arbeloa, General Director of “For a Web page to work it is essential that from the beginning of the creation of a Website, we take into account the indexing and positioning that it will later have in the different search engines” .

To achieve a good Positioning in the different search engines, many aspects are important, from the simple choice of the font that we are going to use, to the way to place images and links. At no time does this prevent the design of a Website from being attractive. In fact, the secret to smart positioning is the perfect balance between the two.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing

It is as important to have a website for a company, business or institution as it is for it to appear in a search engine.

Internet users resort to search engines in order to locate a website that provides them with the information they are looking for, the product or service they wish to contract or the data and references about companies that can provide them with those services and / or products that require.

For this reason, regardless of the purpose of a website (online sales, advertising, corporate image …), the most important step, once published on the Internet, is to take action so that the website has visibility on the Internet. A good promotion can determine the success or failure of a business.

Sync helps companies to make their websites appear among the first positions of the sponsored links of the most visited search engines, thanks to the words that are most relevant to each company. In addition, Sync helps companies make their ads visible on thousands of Web pages with content related to their products and services. Another of the main advantages it brings in terms of online marketing is that each of your customers only pays when a user clicks on their ad (CPC), regardless of how many times the ad is seen.

SEM is a complement to SEO. In those keywords in which we have not been able to achieve a good positioning, we can opt for search engine marketing to solve it.

Sponsored links

To get a website to be very visited, it is not enough to have a good positioning, you also need a good sponsorship campaign.

Unlike other means of communication, the Internet has the advantage of having effective advertising, for which, in addition, you only pay for results. In other media, it is difficult to check the public’s response to an advertising campaign, but these barriers are removed with online advertising.

The best way to obtain fluid traffic and start generating registrations, sales and other movements on our website is through an effective sponsorship banner campaign. has used online advertising to gain a significant foothold on the Internet, which is why it has extensive experience in this sector. Through the advertising platform, the Website set offers a fast and effective online advertising service, which guarantees the best results. It is not a spam service, but users of this service explicitly consent to receive advertising from this website.


When we face a Web project, whatever its objective, we must take into account both its form and its purpose. Be sure why we are making a Website and for what.

A thorough study of the competition facilitates a clear differentiation with respect to it. Get us to learn from the mistakes made by our competitors and we can offer innovative services. In this way, the final message of a Website is totally effective. Increases customer confidence and satisfaction.

On many occasions, we do not pay importance to the preliminary study that must be carried out before starting to build our website. We must bear in mind that previously it is essential to define our target audience, the geographical area in which we are going to focus, the online services that will complement the rest of those offered by our company, the most appropriate online advertising and the keywords for get the best positioning in the various search engines.

To achieve these objectives, has a creative department and a technical department, which facilitate the creation of the best Web project for a company.


A Micro Site is usually carried out coinciding with an advertising campaign to launch a product or an event. Their objective is to be able to provide the recipients of this campaign with a website where they can find out about said product or event.

These microsites usually have a certain duration, which coincides with the time that the campaign for which it is intended is active.

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Created in 2002,, a corporation made up of 100% Spanish capital, has its focus as a business developer on the Internet. It has a human team of more than 20 people, with a high technical specialization, offices and data centers in Zaragoza and Madrid. Within its R + D + i activity, stands out, a meeting point between bloggers and advertisers aimed at developing viral marketing strategies, and portals such as (dedicated to games) or ( dedicated to movies, documentaries and series on DVD, cinema and BlueRay), which receive millions of visits monthly.

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