The main types of interactive content -such as infographics, videos, questionnaires and calculators- are fundamental in digital strategies, since they make it possible to capture the genuine attention of the reader and transform it into a lead. Understand the best way to use them and their benefits. Edgar higuerey May 25, 20 | 6 min read main Malta Phone Number List types of interactive content To create a Digital Marketing strategy , it is essential that you answer this question before starting your planning: “What are the best formats to attract and retain users?” Currently, the answer to this question can be found in the types of interactive content .

Fortunately, the democratization of access to technologies worldwide has caused electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks to be increasingly used in people’s daily lives. For this reason, it is not enough to create content, it is necessary to offer solutions that capture the genuine attention of the public. In this way, it is possible to increase engagement , as well as conversion and enhance the loyalty of future customers. To help brands and professionals achieve the desired benefits, we present in this article the main types of interactive content and their advantages, such as:infographics ; videos ; questionnaires ; ebooks ; calculators . Next, we will talk in detail about each of them Join us! 5 types of interactive content and their advantages 1. Infographics Infographics are excellent solutions to direct leads according to their moment within the purchase journey. A good idea is thought to work contained the stage Awareness (or consciousness). It is important to keep in mind that this type of content does not generate a large number of conversions on its own. However, it is an educational material that aims to provide valuable information to the reader. For this reason, it can be an extremely useful resource for engaging your audience with your brand. In this way, it is essential that you invest in relevant data and / or content that deserves a more in-depth approach, also prioritizing its easy consumption.

So that you understand the format, below, we present an example of an interactive infographic created by Rock Content, for the Right Source company. In terms of distribution, the main channel is on digital media platforms, however, infographics tend to work very well on blogs . 2. Videos The user of traditional videos belongs to the category of “passive”. Ie limits its activity to the engagement of social networks and making comments on the pages of the blog or Youtube channel, for example. To change the landscape and motivate audience participation, it is essential to invest in interactive videos , once they enable the production of personalized content that transforms the viewer into an active participant . From the personalized selection, it is possible to change the course of the contents until the final result is as close to the demands of the public as possible. An interesting example is Maybelline . The American cosmetics company created content that directed the reader to their preferred makeup type. Bold or discreet, people navigated between personal preferences and styles, arriving at a personalized result: the stylized makeup tutorial according to their answers. Think about this specific case and imagine the diversity of personal preferences.

Many people ignore a large amount of traditional brand content, precisely because they do not feel identified with it. In other words, it is necessary to invest in a larger volume of individual pieces to increase the reach of the public. Interactive videos allow, using only one content, to segment the main audience profiles and deliver satisfactory results. 3. Questionnaires The questionnaire is a two-way street , since it pleases both the customer and the brand. Essentially, the user answers a few questions and, upon completion, receives a personalized response according to all the indicated preferences. On the other hand, the company accumulates the information in its database. The Flo app , aimed at women who want to understand more details about their menstrual cycle and other aspects of their intimate routine, offers various questionnaires. One of them is responsible for generating a complete profile on the health and standards found in the daily life of the visitor. When answering the general questions, the resource shows the percentage of each article, in addition to providing important data on all the response profiles. In this way, you do not need to wait until the end to receive a specific result about your doubts, criticisms and considerations. Apart from the insights generated in each topic, the application is also responsible for optimizing its tools such as newsletters and the menstrual calendar, for example.

As indicated, the resource is a two-way path and the company accumulates a large amount of data that obviously must be used in compliance with the law , in a transparent manner and with the aim of optimizing the service. In addition, insights are powerful resources to understand new releases, put products that no longer work on standby , improve the distribution channel and serve as a guide for the development and implementation of various strategies. 4. Ebooks After offering infographics or blog posts to the audience, providing an ebook can be an excellent strategy. After having the first contact with a certain topic, it is expected that the user will develop more interest by wanting to receive content and be updated more and more on that topic. The ebook is the most suitable material to correct the need for deepening and updating on a subject . The interactivity is responsible for guiding the reader on issues that are most important, which has more interest or has doubts. For example, we selected the Salesforce ebook , created in conjunction with Rock Content from Ion Interactive .

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