Breadcrumbs are the indicators that show the path traveled by the visitor within a website. For the user, this element is the one that allows a more agile and efficient navigation. For the company, it represents a unique opportunity to optimize SEO. André Mousinho Feb 3, 20 | 7 min read what are breadcrumbs and how do they work You already know that a good Digital Marketing strategy can increase the reach of your brand and the flow of visitors to your website. However, this approach is only effective if it is accompanied by techniques to optimize the placement of your content on search engine results pages. To this end, SEO practices seek to conform to the criteria used by Google’s algorithm to position domains. This includes the ability to scan the texts, the correct use of keywords and the design of the categories of a website. Ultimately, the goal is to provide the user with an increasingly qualified experience. Therefore, it is necessary that you structure your website respecting the information hierarchy and keeping the portal categories and subcategories organized. Do you want to know how breadcrumb techniques are integrated into this process? In this article we will answer all your questions. Continue reading! What are breadcrumbs and what are their variations? In a literal translation into Spanish they would be breadcrumbs .

However, some professionals prefer to use the term “structural navigation”, which conveys a more precise idea of ​​what this concept really is. In any case, the idea of ​​using breadcrumbs to represent this very important element for SEO can be justified if we understand the context a little better. To do this, we only have to remember the story of Hansel and Gretel, two children who, when they go into the forest, leave breadcrumbs to indicate the way back. In the story the idea does not work very well, but we will focus on reality. In the digital environment, breadcrumbs are marks that indicate the path traveled by the visitor within the website. In this way, Panama WhatsApp Number List it is possible to return to any of the previously visited categories with just one click. Therefore, if an Internet user visits an ecommerce page , visits the category “sneakers” and then a subcategory of a specific brand, everything is registered. In this example, the breadcrumbs would be structured more or less like this: portal name> sneakers> chosen brand . However, this model, which is based on the attributes of the elements on the page , is not the only one. Here are some other types of breadcrumbs! Road-based breadcrumbs This type of structural navigation only takes into account the path made by the user . Its elements indicate the pages you visited before reaching the current one , even if the navigation was done in a random and non-linear way. Location-based breadcrumbs When based on location, breadcrumbs indicate exactly where the user is on the website.

This model does not take into account the path taken by the visitor and the attribute of the elements on the page, but is based on the hierarchy of categories and subcategories of the site. The location of the breadcrumbs on the website can vary, but they are usually displayed at the top of the page, right in the user’s line of sight. seo guide What is the importance of breadcrumbs for SEO? As you know, SEO stands for Search Engine optmization or, in Spanish, Optimization for Search Engines . The purpose of the techniques used in this regard is to improve the elements of the website so that it is positioned among the first results of the SERPs . These positions are determined by an algorithm. The criteria of this algorithm are focused on providing the Internet user with the best experience . Therefore, it is fair to say that only websites that are organized and transparent in relation to their content will rank high on the list. And breadcrumbs can be very useful in this quest! They help Google and other search engines understand the structure of your website and what kind of information it offers. In this way, it will be easier for these mechanisms to relate your content to user searches, especially if you use relevant keywords for the buyer persona. Using this feature also makes it possible for the website to adhere to one of the most famous page optimization tips – the three click rule . The idea is that, to have a qualified navigation, the visitor must always be no more than three clicks from all the pages of the website. If you are concerned about the impact that adding a breadcrumb trail can have on the usability of the site, you can reassure yourself. Breadcrumbs are mild and have virtually no influence on page load times . In addition, they occupy a very small space on the visitor’s screen.

What are the best practices related to breadcrumbs? If you understand that breadcrumbs are essential elements on websites, especially those that invest in Content Marketing , it is best to learn more about how to apply this feature. To get started, you need to make sure the exploration path is active and visible to visitors. It is that some websites choose not to leave this element on display, either due to a lack of knowledge about its importance or due to an aesthetic problem. However, it is possible to explore the benefits of breadcrumbs without compromising the design of the website: you just have to configure them to have a discreet appearance and in harmony with the colors of the page. So now we are going to tell you some good practices that you should keep in mind when implementing your breadcrumbs and others that you should avoid. Continue reading! Make sure breadcrumbs are mobile-friendly To ensure the efficiency of your Internet presence, it is essential that your website works smoothly on mobile devices . This is because devices such as tablets and smartphones represent a large part of the visits made by surfers. Therefore, it is crucial that your breadcrumbs do not harm the experience of these users.

To do this, make sure that the path is not too long when it comes to being displayed on a small screen. If so, the links will overlap and the experience on the page will be impaired. To avoid this, you can consider decreasing the font size or prioritizing only the last visited pages. Use spacers Remember that the navigation path is only good for SEO if it is good for Internet users. Therefore, separate each element with a symbol, which can be a bar, an arrow or whatever you consider most relevant. In most cases, even because it represents an idea of ​​hierarchy, the symbol used is “greater than” (>). Understand when not to use breadcrumbs If your menu cascades and covers every page on the website, there is no need to use breadcrumbs. Remember that this is not an aesthetic feature, but a functional one, therefore, it does not make sense to use it in situations where it is not necessary. Choose the location and source of the breadcrumbs very carefullyWhen setting the navigation path for your website, be careful that the font size doesn’t interfere with the list structure. To do this, prioritize the smallest fonts so as not to compromise the readability of the content . It is also necessary to choose a location for this element that makes it really useful for the user. A good idea is to place it just below the site’s search bar.

In that place, it is clearly visible to the navigator and, in addition, it facilitates their experience on the site. Don’t use breadcrumbs as your main navigation Never replace your menu with a breadcrumb route. As we already mentioned, this feature should always be secondary, as its existence only makes sense if there is a well-structured menu. Also, don’t let the breadcrumbs be the center of attention . It is necessary to use small fonts and colors that are not flashy, after all, we want the visitor to focus only on the content of the page. Do not include links to the page the user is on A good path structure starts at the home page of the website and records the user’s path to the page they are on . Regarding the latter, we must be careful to only refer to that page and never include a link to it, as this would take the user to the same location. Providing qualified navigation to your website visitors isn’t just a way to optimize search engine rankings. This practice improves the experience of your consumers, who become easier targets for your loyalty strategies . Therefore, the use of breadcrumbs is an interesting feature for your company in general. If structured correctly, the navigation path will improve your page positioning and reduce the bounce rate of visitors. The result is an increase in the company’s results and the consolidation of your image on the Internet. Now that you know what breadcrumbs are and how important they are for SEO, how about continuing to learn? Download our free SEO Local ebook and keep climbing in Google rankings.

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