WordPress is a content management tool that works on the open source model. Even with its market leadership, it does not escape the mistakes that create obstacles for its users. In this text, we will highlight such errors and present their solutions. Continue reading! Ivan de Souza Apr 19, 20 | 14 min read biggest word press mistakes With a low investment cost and a very intuitive user experience, WordPress is by far the most widely used and respected CMS tool in the world. According to a study by W3Techs , Ukraine Phone Number List the platform dominates about 60% of the market, while the second place reaches only 5.2%. But either way, WordPress is not free from bugs that hamper the user experience of the service. The fact that it is open source – which means that it has been developed by a large number of contributors – contributes to making these flaws more common.

With this in mind, we have prepared this text to list the 20 most frequently occurring WordPress errors. For each topic we will indicate the best way to solve the problem. Good reading! 1. The white screen of death The overly alarming name is not accidental. The so-called white screen of death is considered by many to be the most feared failure in the use of the platform. The explanation for this is simple: the error is characterized by a blank screen, with no additional information to indicate its origin. Therefore, it is possible to imagine the despair of a developer when faced with a problem whose causes are not visible. Thus, to deal with the blank screen, it may be necessary to use trial and error. Here are some possible solutions: Activate Debug Debug is, quite simply, a bug finder. Once you activate the app, it will collect all the hidden error messages and display them on a page. This way, you can understand the causes of an error and take the appropriate measures to correct them. To activate debugging, go to your domain’s FTP and open the file ” wp-config-php “. There, you will find the code (‘ WP_DEBUG ‘, false ). Just replace “false” with “true” and the debugging process will begin. Use the default theme In some cases, installed themes or plugins face compatibility issues. To check if this is the cause of the blank screen, go back to the default theme and disable all plugins.

Then, reactivate them one by one to try to understand which one is causing the error. Increase the memory limit In most cases, the white screen does not have a direct link to the website memory. Even so, it is possible that the website exceeds the standard memory limit set in the wp-config.php file . To increase this limit, add the following line of code: (‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’) . If the cause of the white screen is memory related, this will solve the problem. 2. Internal server error Who has never come across a “500 internal server error” message while browsing the Internet? The internal server error is another one of the scariest problems for someone who works with WordPress. The reasons for the problem are numerous. Therefore, the same solutions presented in the previous topic are used to try to locate and resolve the cause. Also, you should check your .htaccess file. .htaccess Among many other functions, this file rewrites your website URLs to make them more attractive to visitors. When that file is corrupted, the internal error message appears.

To check if the .htaccess is, in fact, corrupted, go to the file manager and rename the code to ” .htaccess / backup “. Then test if your website is back to normal. If so, visit the permalink settings page and save your changes. 3. Error connecting to the database If you work with WordPress and not another CMS , you have probably encountered this error hundreds of times. This is the most common problem on the platform, which can simply be caused by a crash on your database server . In that case, the only possible approach is to try to contact the server and wait for help. In other cases, however, the error can be solved by you. Connection failure is often the result of incorrect credentials. Therefore, please check that the username and password have been entered correctly. 4. Loss of administrator password You may feel a bit embarrassed about forgetting something so important, but don’t worry, we’ve all been there. In some cases, password recovery can be a real headache, but in WordPress, the process shouldn’t be a problem.

The simplest way is to click on the ” I forgot my password ” option , wait for a recovery email, and then create a new password.  activate the MD5 function; in the writing bar, enter your new password; confirm your edits. 5. Error 404 Another example that all Internet users know about is Error 404 , which occurs when a page cannot be found. In many cases, the visitor has access to all areas of the website, except for one page. This, of course, detracts from the user experience. In most cases, the resolution is very quick and simple. Go to the permalink settings page and click the button to save the changes. This will force WordPress to rewrite the .htaccess file, which will probably solve the problem.

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