Businesses that stop establishing a strong presence on Instagram miss out on generating traffic to their websites, engagement with potential customers, and even potential sales. Ivan de Souza Feb 9, 20 | 5 min read how to analyze strategies on instagram Instagram is one of the most used social networks in the world and at the moment, today it has more than 1,000 million users. In addition, it is a social network that millions of companies use to reach a younger target audience and promote the visual side of their brands . On the other hand, on Instagram you can make ads to promote content and get even more reach and therefore is reflected in the increase in conversions of companies.

If you keep track of all the metrics that you can see on your Instagram account, you can improve your results, increase engagement, develop your Marketing plan on Instagram and beat the Instagram algorithm. Instagram is a showcase for companies and Nepal WhatsApp Number List a very new marketing tool for most brands, there is still much to discover and do to control the social network 100%. In this article, you will discover which three parts of Instagram are important and how to analyze your strategy on them. What three areas are important on Instagram Before you start measuring anything, you have to know what three areas you can measure on Instagram and why .

These are the three areas of your Instagram strategy: Instagram Stories Posts on Instagram Community and profile: general statistics Both the stories and the posts are the content you share so that your followers can see, that is, your target audience . It is necessary to analyze this part of the strategy so that you know the performance of this content and if they are having the result that you expected or not. On the other hand, the profile is an important part to have optimized, it is the first thing that users see. Finally, the community is an important part of your Instagram profile to measure: do your followers increase? Decrease? Do they engage with your posts? We will explain everything to you now! What metrics are important on Instagram In general, we think that Instagram metrics are only three: followers, comments and likes. And that with these three data you can determine if your strategy is succeeding or if it is being a failure. But it is not like that, there are many more metrics, data and information behind this social network that will help you identify the performance of your publications and if it is working or not as you expected your strategy. You are ready? Here they go … Growth of your community Followers balance How have your followers evolved on Instagram? Since you have implemented your strategy, are your followers increasing or are you losing audience? You have to keep track to know when your followers go up or down on Instagram.

If you also measure this metric at the same time as other things such as: With this metric you can get other useful metrics such as: Followers gained per day Followers you have gained per post And you can draw conclusions … I have uploaded a photo with a promotion and it has increased 30 followers. I posted a video and they dropped 10 followers that day. In this way you can analyze how your strategy works and make the necessary corrections according to what you discover. Publications Engagement The engagement in Instagram is the degree of loyalty from your followers. Do not confuse it with the number of followers or fans you have; It is the degree of involvement, interest and interaction that your followers have with the content you share on Instagram: publications, videos, stories, or any content. Interactions It is important to know all the figures generated by your publications: Number of likes. Number of times your post or story has been shared. Number of times a video or story has been played. Comments received on each publication or on the media. Impressions of the publications. Scope of your publications. With these data you can draw many conclusions . ️ Based on likes, what type of post works best with your audience? ️ Based on the comments, which photos get the most comments and why? ️ What content the videos that are shared the most times have. stories You also have metrics to analyze in your Instagram stories: The scope you have obtained; number of people who have seen the story; impressions; responses to stories; number of times your story has been passed and number of times it has been seen again. This data will give you a lot of information about whether you are uploading the correct content or not. And you will be able to know if your followers like your strategy on Instagram or not.

How to analyze your strategy on Instagram You have three ways to analyze your Instagram strategy: Manually You can manually count the likes, keep track of the increase in followers, calculate the engagement and write everything down in an Excel to keep track of the statistics of your Instagram account. You can do it this way, although I do not advise it because you will lose a lot of time that you will have to subtract from the organization of your strategy and the creation of new content. With the internal platform of Instagram The Instagram platform itself has a section called Instagram Insights, a simple tool to know in general terms how your publications and your account are working at a general level. It is used to give you a general idea of ​​the performance of your account. With external platforms There are platforms external to Instagram that analyze all the fields of an Instagram strategy and where you can store the information. Here are some examples: Metricool With Metricool you can analyze your Instagram account for free and obtain many metrics. Also with this platform you can analyze your competitors on Instagram.  Union Metrics It is not a free tool but Union Metrics offers a free monthly analysis of your Instagram account: engagement, publications, reach … These analyzes are for a maximum of 30 days in the past, that is, you can only see how your strategy has worked in the last month since you monitor it. Pixlee It consists of a user-generated content marketing platform. Inside the Pixlee tool there is a free zone for brand analysis on Instagram. And so far, have you been left with any questions? Tell us your impressions below!

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