I still regularly use a number of ab Bermuda Email Lists communicate a lot via Slack. On my phone I have the autocorrect on, which makes me less inclined to abbreviate words. When I scroll back in a number of WhatsApp conversations I only come across ‘ff’. Which abbreviations do you still use, or did you use in the past, that should not be missing in Bermuda Email Lists this throw-back list? Trend session Content marketing What are the upcoming trends in content marketing? And how do you respond smartly to these developments? You will discover this during this trend session, which we provide exclusively because Frankwatching has been voted best Bermuda Email Lists trainer for the 6th time in a row. Learn more for free! ou know it: you have a heated debate with someone, you feel that your position is weak, you cannot find the right arguments.


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But he wouldn’t have done that because Bhutan Email Lists of the number of characters. When we talk about the use of numbers, I also have to think of calculator language. Did you do that too, with your calculator? (lol + lol = hihi) Emoticons and Bhutan Email Lists Emoji And then of course we have the use of emoticons and emoji. Emoticons are typographical abbreviations like 😉and <3. Emoji are the icons you can choose from when you are on Whatsapp for example, such article about the influence of emoji on our language . Among other things, she addresses the questions: can we see emoji as a universal language? And does our knowledge of language Bermuda Email Lists increase or decrease by using it a lot? Which abbreviations do you use?

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The same goes for brb If you’re typing Bhutan Email Lists blind with 2 hands brb isn’t the easiest  . Abbreviation You type all three letters with your left index finger and there is quite a bit of space between .  The b and the r. Not all MSN language is therefore automatically turbo language. Also read: 5 arguments not to aim for text at B1 level This chat Bermuda Email Lists language was not limited to just the MSN chats. Many abbreviations were also used in MSN names and descriptions. In my bubble mainly to indicate who your best friends were or who your (secret) sweetheart was. Do you remember? Then you went offline for a while and then back online, so that everyone who was online got a notification. best friend forever tes on Twitter: “Think of song titles such as Bermuda Email Lists Prince’s ‘I would die 4 U’ as well.” Prince also used the number ‘4’ in the title for this.

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