Here are some tips on how to name your store: Try to keep it short and simple (fewer than 12 characters if possible). Make it something easy to Finland Email List remember (and spell). Be original (don’t copy another brand name). Important! Keep your product offerings (current AND future) in mind. Don’t let your name limit you. Say you’re selling matcha tea. “Simply Matcha” sounds like a great name, Finland Email List right? It’s short, easy to spell and remember, and original. What happens when you branch out into selling other kinds of tea? Your brand name is suddenly limiting you. I’m not saying you can’t have a name like this.

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Just make sure if you DO go with a name like this you’ll still sell “simply matcha” in five or even 10 years. You can always rebrand, but that’s not an easy process. Finland Email List Note: These tips are just that — tips. You can toss them to the wind and have a longer or crazier name. I’m using A Matcha Made In Heaven for my trial store, and it doesn’t adhere to the “fewer than 12 characters” rule. So be creative! Finland Email List Now you can open your laptop, because it’s time to register a domain name. REGISTERING A DOMAIN NAME Your domain name is what your customers type in the browser’s configuring your store.

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In most cases, your domain name should be your store name (i.e., You can register your domain name through Shopify (the Finland Email List easiest method and the one I recommend) or you can register it through a third-party like Namecheap (less expensive but more complicated since you’ll have to change your domain name server [DNS] settings). Note: Check to make sure your Finland Email List domain name is available before you settle on a store name! There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect name only to realize the .com is taken. If you chose Shopify, I’ll show you how to register with them in Step

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