including helping to: Create engagement: You can set up a welcome campaign (which I’ll share later down this post) that gets your new subscribers to take Angola Email List multiple actions. This will improve the chances you’ll be able to sell to them, including getting them to follow you on social, whitelist your emails, and Angola Email List more. Re-engage old customers or subscribers: A segment of your list hasn’t bought or responded in a while? Set up an automated campaign that goes out to anyone who hasn’t bought anything or opened an email in the last 90 days. Nurture leads into customers: Probably the main thing you want; turning new subscribers into repeat

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customers can easily be done with a proper drip campaign by answering common objections and building trust. Connect with your audience: Email is a perfect Angola Email List medium to share your story, mission, and values. Why did you start your brand? What mission are you trying to accomplish? Let your subscribers know! Build trust: You can use your drip campaigns to predicatively answer common Angola Email List questions people interested in your products or services have before they even know to ask them! This builds massive trust with your audience. You can find common questions via your customer support emails; what are customers asking you often?

These are just scratching the surface of what’s possible with drip campaigns! We’ll get into some more advanced strategies at the end of this post, but for now, let’s get into the beginner strategies. BEGINNER DRIP CAMPAIGN STRATEGIES There are a ton of ways to set up automated email Angola Email List drip campaigns. But the most common (yet still incredibly useful) strategies include: Welcome Campaign Abandoned Cart Campaign Re-Engagement Campaign I’ll show you what makes each campaign type work so well, along with an example of each. WELCOME CAMPAIGN A welcome campaign is a series of emails your list gets after they first opt

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