In this example, the lower price indicates the Sri Lanka Email Database reduction. ‘If’ is used in comparisons, such as “Pietje is the same age as Klaas”. 5. Misuse of Punctuation Price cracker language error Source: The creators of the advertisement above manage not only to misspell ‘surprisingly’, but also to put the comma in Sri Lanka Email Database the wrong place. We’ve all had it in school: punctuation. Still, for some people, not much has stuck. Some use commas unnecessarily. Others never use punctuation which makes the sentences very long and the reader has no idea what the text is really about because there are no Sri Lanka Email Database pauses in the text that keep him reading until he finally gets to the end of the sentence.

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After reading this sentence, you must be out Suriname Email List of breath and have no idea what you actually read. For this reason, we use punctuation. With commas you create resting points in the text, giving the reader time to absorb the sentence. Moreover, the sentence sometimes even takes on a completely different meaning if you use Suriname Email List punctuation incorrectly… Quote language error Source When do you put a comma in the sentence? I’ll break it down for you: Between two verb forms “When she said that, everyone started crying.” Before and after a clause “The ship we were going to take on vacation sank.” At summaries “You should Sri Lanka Email Database bring the following: a flashlight, a sleeping bag, warm clothes and extra shoes

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For a conjunction “I couldn’t sleep because it was Suriname Email List too hot in the room.” How bad are language errors? Of course, everyone makes grammar mistakes. Even the biggest language Nazis sometimes make a DT mistake. Yet it Sri Lanka Email Database does not look exactly professional, especially not when you make a language blunder as a company. Therefore, always have your text read again by a colleague before you send it out! The ultimate foundation of writing & copywriting [flexible training] No shortage of texts online. From illegible vocabulary to finger-licking content. Are you looking for strategic and practical tools to produce strong Sri Lanka Email Database and well-converting texts? Then you should not miss this course with an 8.5 assessed. In this you follow training courses such as Content strategy, Writing for the web, Creative online writing and Writing for social media at your own pace. Knowing more?

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