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Learn to conceptualize a brand and define its creative and communication strategy. IMF Business School ·  Kenya Email List Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Become a professional with the best school to study digital marketing in person or online After knowing the forecasts faced by the media and the advertising sector, it seems that all hope lies in the proliferation and confidence of advertisers by alternative media and digital media The crisis has been a severe blow to this market and the traditional communication sector, which has experienced notable decreases in its advertising investment, which according to forecasts and forecasts will continue to accentuate for a long time at least until next year 2010.

The newspapers of the written press are without a doubt the great losers. The fall in advertisers has put large publishing groups on the ropes that are looking on the Internet for a way to compensate and help their business models. Undoubtedly, the crisis has caused significant negative effects on businesses and the media themselves, but at the same time, it has served to become the great opportunity for digital media and online advertising.

This is undoubtedly a time of uncertainty where advertisers in their objective of cutting budgets and expenses decide to bet on the safest and most effective alternatives, taking advantage of the offer of media and spaces at reduced prices to consolidate their brands.

Still, the true paradigm will come when the economy regains its vitality and its true repercussions are discovered. Changes that will surely alter many of the patterns and trends established so far and where the media as well as the advertising sector could reach an “evolutionary point” of no return in favor of digital media and new technologies.

In times of crisis it is common for competitiveness to develop much more aggressively. That is why online marketing and advertising strategies are positioned as a great opportunity and alternative since they allow us to generate the same impact with less investment. However, despite its growth, 8.6% of the total volume of advertising investment on digital media is still far from that registered in other types of media.

Following the trend and theoretically, digital media will continue to proliferate while online advertising will increase its share of investment in the advertising sector, also gaining more confidence every day from brands and advertisers, although we must forget that despite its great evolution and the strength shown in times of crisis, online advertising can still be considered a young market that needs to continue to grow and be much more developed. This implies that new parameters and trends can (surely) be established in its mechanisms, methods, strategies and especially in terms of its management and exploitation by the different specialized media and agencies. Marketing and Online Advertising are in fashion but “its great boom is yet to come”

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