A few years ago, Marketing and Programming experts did not have much in common at work, but this has changed dramatically in the last decade. Jesus Cardenas Jan 13, 20 | 9 min read relationship between marketing and programming The transformation digital is present in almost every aspect of our lives and has also impacted businesses on the need to have a strong digital presence to spread their message and attract users to convert into customers. Today’s Marketing and Programming segments, based on the evolution of the user’s browsing experience, have the possibility of using the data generated on the Internet to bring more customers to organizations. For example, according to Walker Information , a company dedicated to customer experience consulting, by 2020 83% of B2B (Business to Business) or Business to Business organizations will pay “close attention” to statistics related to intent. future user to predict their behaviors . Therefore, in this content we will explain how Digital Marketing experts have had to expand their range of knowledge to understand development and programming-related environments to increase the impact of their companies. Why is programming part of Marketing today? Now, why are Marketing and Programming so related? The answer has a lot to do with the fact that all the environments where these professionals exercise their knowledge are digital and, that means, they have been built with code. So a marketer has to, yes or yes, understand digital ecosystems beyond the surface.

For example, if you are in front of an analysis tool it is not enough to know how to handle it and read its data, you must also understand how to operate it and what is behind it. When a company hires or trains its Marketing teams and collaborators in programming and the like, to effectively manage the services, tools and applications, they are capable of producing great dividends for organizations. In fact, Juniper Research estimates that by 2023, Switzerland WhatsApp Number List chatbots will be key to reducing costs in marketing strategies. So much so that they foresee an increase of more than 6,000% in savings for the retail market. A process that requires a lot of programming knowledge, user experience and, of course, Marketing. 4 reasons why a marketer should learn to code When we talk about Marketing and, above all, Digital Marketing, it is almost impossible to avoid mentioning the programming that exists within the environments in which these professionals operate. Both web development and maintaining the appropriate technical conditions on the pages have a lot of influence on SEO strategies and, consequently, on user acquisition. With the arrival of Big Data , Marketing professionals have found it necessary to understand the operation of web pages to adapt their sites and offer their visitors a better experience. In fact, many companies in North America and Europe send their collaborators to do training and advanced courses so that they can link their knowledge of Marketing and Programming in each of their tasks. Now, there are inherent advantages of programming languages that a Marketing expert can take advantage of.

These are: Understand the tools and their possibilities We already mentioned it, a marketer largely uses tools focused on digital environments . These softwares are made with code and if you know these languages ​​you can understand the scope and limitations of each program more easily. Anticipate and visualize the impact of actions Digital Marketing has many fronts, where a team or a specialist must fight to meet times, costs, among others. If you have knowledge of Marketing and Programming, the professional will be able to offer much more accurate forecasts and projections. In other words, you can provide a much more realistic strategy based on your perspectives in those two areas and be able to give the customer a viable and effective solution to their needs. Use automation in advertising Also called programmatic advertising is one of the pillars for more efficient processes. Buying advertising manually is a thing of the past for companies. A Marketing and Programming specialist will have a lot of knowledge about APIs to access programmatic advertising software and eliminate the factor of human error in the purchase of ads and, therefore, optimize the budget of the organizations .

Improve problem solving Programming and the languages ​​that compose it are characterized by being practical, functional, systematic and effective. Skills that define a person or professional prepared to take on and solve complex challenges. In addition, if you understand an area as valuable and changing as digital environments and programming codes, you will be facing a competitive advantage for a market that is evolving in this direction. Essential points to learn Marketing and Programming So, with all of the above already exposed, surely you understand that more than a “plus”, a professional who knows Marketing and Programming has become a necessity for companies. But where to focus your learning first? Let’s see. Artificial intelligence If you still do not believe in the power of Artificial Intelligence , well, according to Accenture, 3 out of 4 among more than 1,500 senior managers surveyed affirm that, if they do not incorporate AI into their processes in the next 5 years, they will most likely be left out or very laggards from the rest of the companies . And it is that AI has come to stay in our lives. In processes ranging from Machine Learning , Big Data, Data Analysis and much more. HTML When we talk about Content Marketing , for example, HTML is essential. This type of programming is what makes up the entire structure of websites so that browsers can display it correctly to Internet users.

Knowing about HTML would give any Marketing and Programming specialist a much broader perspective on what they can and cannot do to improve search engine rankings , increase user retention on their site, and increase conversion. SEO It seems to be a no-brainer, especially if we talk about specialists in Digital Marketing. SEO in digital strategies is a crucial factor for achieving positive results for companies, especially those that offer traditional products or services . A Content Marketing strategy is the new way to achieve notoriety and gain authority in the digital ecosystem. Organically climbing search engine rankings is the best way to attract users to a website and thus achieve conversions for your business. Programming languages Finally, this list could not miss programming languages ​​or codes . These are the “language” with which the code that forms the different programs, applications and technological environments is written. The most important programming languages ​​today are: Java; C and C ++; Python; Visual Basic; PHP. According to the needs you have as a professional or the area of ​​activity of your company, it may be convenient for you to start or specialize in one in particular.

How to start researching and applying this knowledge in your work routine? One of the most useful ways to start applying everything you have learned is to do it through web development, since it has a lot to do with the strategies that are handled in the digital field. Now, here’s a step-by-step guide to using those scheduling skills to scale results in your schedules:Learn what others do There are almost no secrets in marketing, that is, much of what is being done is public or notorious. Therefore, you can take advantage of Marketing and Programming knowledge to inspect both the front-end and the back-end of your competitors’ pages and find what works for them and even your company does not. Build your landing pages To have sites that are effectively adapted to your marketing campaigns, it can mean a competitive advantage and a factor to take into account when launching or disseminating these campaigns. Knowing about programming provides the opportunity to manipulate and create landing pages that are related to your purposes and that of the company. Add content to your sites Making simple changes, like editing a few lines of some CTA content or adding a button at the end of the CTA can be an ideal way to start using all those Marketing and Scheduling skills. Create your prototypes You sure have great ideas for your ideal website, right? Or, it may be that you already have the mockup for the development of an application for your company. Well, with knowledge of code and programming languages ​​you can start building your own platforms and tools, to optimize resources and shorten delivery times. And, this is only the surface of what you can achieve thanks to the union between Marketing and Programming. What are the benefits of having knowledge of Marketing and Programming?

With all the technological changes that are taking place in the digital and marketing world, understanding basic and intermediate programming concepts can open many doors. Here are the main ones:Ease of working with others Having a solid knowledge about technology will allow you to develop better strategies with other departments of your company, ask the right questions and understand the contexts that arise in the digital field. You will be able to effectively negotiate with clients about prices and delivery times because you will understand what is needed and manage time to optimize processes. Being able to do things for yourself Waiting for other people to come and solve your problems can be annoying, don’t you think? Well, with knowledge of Marketing and Programming you will be able to depend much less on others and be more productive. For example, changing an email template, or making changes to a website previously required a web developer, but if you know about HTML, CSS or Javascript, you could advance the work and avoid delivery problems or unnecessary resource costs. Generate innovative ideas Learning about coding and programming can lead your mind to create new thinking realities and come up with innovative solutions. Being creatively independent and feeling that empowering feeling can be the difference between an average site or app or one with real impact. Measure your actions accurately Marketing must be measurable, you know that for sure.

Tools like Google Analytics come from simplified information on metrics, but an ambitious professional must go further. Using tools like Google Tag Manager are used to add tags to your sites and to optimize them. Likewise, there are Javascript snippets that can provide more detailed information to third parties and thus improve ranking factors. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, programming allows marketers to accelerate their processes, innovate their tools and access much more complex information to understand the context, the environment and, of course, the challenges that their campaigns need to overcome. . Online courses for digital marketers Finally, in this post, we are going to dig a little into online courses that can help you take that quantum leap at a professional level and give you the programming knowledge you need to excel. Codecademy Site specialized in providing free courses in more than 12 programming languages, including:Java, PHP, SQL, Java Script, HTML5, and much more. Udemy This online learning platform has independent courses from professionals who provide their advice and classes at low costs in many areas, including programming, web development and more.

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