The massive development of technology has been marking a new line in the relationship between company and client, which must be personalized, direct and immediate. In order not to lose quality or response time, there are tools that will help you automate this process. These types of strategies to mechanize and streamline processes are called marketing automation . Do you want to know what is marketing automation or marketing automation , Pakistan Phone Number List  Its advantages and the best tools to carry it out? Keep reading! You may also be interested in: Master in Marketing Automation INDEX OF CONTENTS What is marketing automation or marketing automation ? The marketing automation is an area of digital marketing that aims to automate repetitive processes and actions of our marketing strategy.

To do this, we need software or technology that works with tags that detect specific behaviors of users on our website. These user actions will act as triggers for automatic processes . The software or technology must also be able to save a user’s information, be it an e-mail, a telephone or simply a cookie . The concept of marketing automation emerged as an email marketing tool . At present it seeks to find automated solutions to repetitive tasks in a multitude of areas. Programmers insist time and again on reducing human error and managing complex tasks such as measurement, analytics or business marketing campaigns in an optimized way. Among the functions of marketing automation we find: Automate and analyze marketing processes . Controlled communication following the list of leads in order to analyze the sales process from registration to purchase of the product. Generation of automatic responses for new leads Organize leads with behavior patterns to offer each customer personalized content .

History and origin of marketing automation The evolution of marketing automation or marketing automation has been very fast and has changed the rules of the game. However, one of the aspects that has been transformed the most is that these platforms have reduced the supervision imposed on employees, thus empowering staff. Since organizations became aware of the existence of marketing as a way of directing their products to potential customers, competition has increased tremendously. This resulted in the fusion of marketing with new technologies, giving rise to modern marketing as we know it. In the past, marketers looked for ways to reach their audience through media such as radio, television or the internet. They were all fighting for an ever-growing customer base. It was then that marketing automation or the option of marketing automation emerged . It offered marketers a way to reach audiences through new and expanding channels. Its origin can be located in the CRM . At the time, it was limited to electronic diaries and business cards. Businesses needed to collect as much personal information as possible from their customers, and over time it became a critical tool. In the 1980s, when CRM was on the rise, customer service and sales management started to emerge, but it was so expensive, so only large companies could afford it.

Although marketing automation started in 1992, it wasn’t until the mid-2000s that the automation industry started to catch on. The first automation systems revolved around email marketing . VIDEO Marketing automation applied to inbound Download How Marketing Automation Works The marketing automation is one of the many techniques inbound marketing , non – intrusive marketing method that seeks to create value through SEO, the social networks , analytical or generating content and leads . In this sense, marketing automation seeks to automate the response to user questions and actions . The simplest example but one that defines very well what marketing automation is is to think of a user who fills in a form and receives an email automatically. But it can also be a more elaborate action, such as a user calling our call center after hours and, just when it opens, they automatically receive an SMS with the message ‘we’re open, call us’. These responses, actions or automatic communications are not made only through e-mail , they can also by SMS or a call, a remarketing action through a banner or even a dynamic content of our website that shows one or another content according to user behavior on the web.

Why use marketing automation ? Among the different advantages that marketing automation can present us, we highlight: Development of complete marketing processes naturally Costs and staff time are reduced Allows you to track the impact of marketing much more effective and measured Planning and publishing content on social networks Creation of events and webinars Innovation in web forms Power lead nurturing , maturation and automation of databases. We are talking about a technique that allows us to control the key phase of the sales process: from when they know the product to be sold or register on a website until the moment of purchase Efficient use of digital customer records , both their data and their behavior on the network. The so-called lead scoringIn short, it is very useful if we want to regain the user’s attention and interest automatically after a long period of inactivity or without interacting enough. All this thanks to the programming of automatic functions that, when they register inactivity, cause different actions such as sending emails, personalized advertisements or even offers aimed at these customers.

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