Again in love with your house’ is known Slovenia B2B List and vtwonen has many followers… All true… But this video received about 2.5 times as many views than our average. View this post on Instagram A post shared by vtwonen Slovenia B2B ListtDo you want to know how to make an Instagram Reels? In this article Pelpina explains it to you using a video. 4. Live video shopping Kirsten Jassies indicated it, but Pelpina also sees live video shopping as a trend. In China they have been doing this for years. While there are talks about products and people can ask Slovakia B2B List questions, you can view product details and choose other colors and sizes in the stream.

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video content must be optimized for Slovenia B2B List mobile. So make your videos square or vertical. Precisely because more and more videos are made with a phone, videos are also becoming more authentic and personal. It doesn’t all have Slovenia B2B List to be slick. Real videos do well, such as a behind the scene . This week I saw with my own eyes the proof of this trend that speaker Pelpina Trip mentioned . Before the announcement of the new season of the TV program ‘Weerver met je Huis’, I asked presenter Kees Tol to make a video Slovakia B2B List ‘behind the scenes’. I shared it for vtwonen on Instagram Reels and guess what? It became the most viewed video to date: with a whopping 459k views! Now I understand that you think: but Kees is famous and

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Show” where you can support podcasts for Slovenia B2B List a small fee per month – often in exchange for exclusive content. Also read: The latest Instagram updates: Like stories, add-yours, collab posts & more 3. Short videos & mobile first We continue to Slovakia B2B List see the short (entertainment) videos: Snapchat Spotlight, YouTube Shorts, Reels and TikTok. Even on Pinterest, we’re going to see Pinterest Idea Pins. YouTube Shorts work so well Slovakia B2B List because they fuel a longer video. In addition, more and more people are making videos, photos and graphics with their phone and these videos are increasingly viewed on mobile. So

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