To exercise positive leadership and bring about favorable results for the organizations they lead, managers and directors need to apply work schemes that guarantee maximum use of available resources, including human talent. This is where work productivity software comes into play. Juan Andrés Corrales Mar 30, 20 | 5 min read best productivity programs and soft wares In today’s dynamic and competitive business scenario, Bolivia Whatsapp Number List increasing labor productivity is key to: achieve strategic objectives, increase customer satisfaction levels and achieve a privileged position in a certain market segment. In fact, the digital transformation that has governed business activity in recent years has already made companies of different sizes and sectors take advantage of technological resources and use them to expand the performance and efficiency of their workers. And it is that these tools allow greater agility and effectiveness in the accomplishment of tasks , integration between departments and, in general, cohesive work schemes, which provide feedback to each other.

So, do you want to know what are those softwares that you should take into account so as not to grant competitive advantages? If so, you are in the right place! In order for you to increase the productivity of your team, in the next few lines we will talk about the main types of productivity solutions and the best tools that are part of them. Corporate communication software 1. Slack One of the keys to being productive at work is strong communication, and Slack has the features to help you do that. It is a messaging tool designed specifically for work teams , which offers the possibility of organizing chat rooms by topic or department. It also allows you to interact through private groups and direct messages. Another advantage of Slack is that it provides APIs to promote the integration of the tool with other programs, such as MailChimp, Hangouts or Skype. 2. Zoom If you work in a large organization and you have an important work team in charge, this is one of the ideal tools for you! In addition to boasting intuitiveness, meeting recording, adaptation to different operating systems and private and group messaging, Zoom offers the possibility of videoconferencing with up to 100 participants.

It is quite a suitable platform for Home Office professionals when they participate in team meetings, as it has the functionality of “Raise your hand” to ask to speak. 3. Microsoft Teams This is classic, quality-tested productivity software that lets you put slow email communication aside and replaces it with instant chat windows, with support for video conferencing, file sending, and tool integration. It also has a web conferencing service, ideal for you to lead the typical weekly meetings and meetings or for presentations and exhibitions related to the organization’s projects. The tool has been widely used in recent weeks, as Microsoft has made it free during the Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis . Time management software 4. Productivity Owl Sometimes productivity risk is associated with distractions . If that happens to your work team, you can apply this tool, which limits the functionalities and accesses of Google . That way you can control the browsing activity of collaborators without being too rigorous, simply blocking some pages and sites that have nothing to do with job functions and that usually demand a lot of attention and time.

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