In social networks: interaction and reach how do users interact with our profiles s ? What is our reach or impressions? What about sentiment or our share of voice fee ? Discover how to manage and measure these metrics in social networks, and many others, step by step. Engagement: what is the commitment and Norway Phone Number degree of interaction of your followers regarding your brand? Reach: the number of users who have seen or potentially seen a post on your social networks.

Impressions: number of times this post has been viewed. I like it. Comments. Share. Mentions: they will show you, more than any other kpi, if you are in the top of mind of your users. Sentiment: determines the emotional tone behind a given message on social networks. Share of voice: what is the percentage of the audience that . Is concentrated around your brand in relation to the competition?

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Conversion and result through these metrics  Norway phone number in social networks, we will know the number . Of users who carried out the action that we set as a goal , from becoming customers of your brand by making a purchase, to downloading a type of content, requesting a demo of our product… Ctr (click through rate). Norway Phone Number Measures the percentage relationship between clicks and the number of impressions or views.

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Percentage of conversions: it will indicate us if the users are carrying out the final actions that we have. Proposed. Cpl (cost per lead): cost you will pay for each potential customer gained. Cpa (cost per action): the cost for the user to meet the proposed objective. Norway Phone Number Roi (return of investment). The ultimate goal of doing all this conversion measurement is to calculate the return on investment (social media roi) , that is, calculate the benefit of a campaign or action on social networks.

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The different metrics and which ones are best for your brand strategy in an efficient and . Simple way and calculate them based on the social network and the kpis that you propose. Become a metrics rockstar with this guide! Facebook facebook continues to be the social network par excellence. The one with the largest number of users , mostly an adult audience . 41% are between 31 and .Norway Phone Number 45 years old. 39% of its users are millennials and 54% belong to older generations.

With it you can reach a wide audience. Although the character limit is 63,206 characters. If you’re looking for persuasive content, focus on short copy . Sdefinitive and free guide.Norway Phone Number How to use instagram for your brand posted by cool tabs on may 29, 20180 comments updated by cool . Tabs on october 28, 2020 there is no doubt that instagram is the top social network of the moment.

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