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To learn about E-Marketing, identify the strategies, their implementation and their success stories Master in Digital Marketing Management – UPF-BSM Acquire specialized knowledge to manage the digital marketing of your organization. According to recent research by Microsoft Advertising , multiscreen consumers are changing the advertising rules in Europe, Cuba Email List  controlling media convergence and transforming the buying funnel. In this way, they are creating important new opportunities for campaigns adopting multi-screen advertising solutions. Not only are multiscreen consumers more important, but the Media Multiplier effect can also make them more responsive.

A new Microsoft Advertising white paper, “What’s on their screens, what’s on their minds: Reaching & engaging the multi-screen consumer.” ) indicates that there are already 19 million multiscreen consumers (engaged in media via television, mobile and PC) in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Sweden. Of the multiscreen audience, 84% use their mobile phone for more than just texting and making calls. In addition, today’s multiscreen gamers connect with their friends through their consoles and watch videos on television, in addition to playing games. Every day 4 million personal messages are sent between Xbox LIVE partners.

Multiscreen consumers are wealthy and professional; They are also more sensitive to advertising (27% more likely to accept that ads help them decide what to buy), influenced more by brand than price (52% are loyal to the brands they like), they are more open to trying new things (57%) and prepared to defend the products they like (54%).

Exposure through multiple screens is transforming multiscreen consumers’ shopping routes: 38% of online credit sources promote initial product perception (more than any other channel) and Internet accounts for 6 of the 10 channels with the greatest influence on the purchase decisions of multiscreen consumers.

Microsoft Advertising reaches multiscreen consumers on all platforms they use, through games, Windows Live, MSN, and mobile. The study of Microsoft Advertising campaigns has shown a clear Media Multiplier effect, through which the effectiveness of the campaign increases depending on the number of different platforms to which multiscreen consumers are exposed.

During the congress for professionals in the sector, “From Off to On”, online marketing experts and professionals highlighted the need for companies to adapt their advertising investments to a “new environment” in which consumers and new technologies have changed the way of relating to brands.

Loli Vila, search director at Yahoo Spain, pointed out during her presentation that consumers are now much “more demanding”, given that “they not only receive and want information, but also want to give their opinion on products and companies.”

The executive also made reference to one of the latest reports from the consulting firm Forrester, which highlights and highlights the importance of search engines over the next five years, as the tools that will grow the most due to their “ability to measurement and segmentation “of audiences, which makes them” an interesting format to justify investment budgets “of companies.

John Lynn, president of the advertising agency Gray Group affirmed the need to adapt the organizational structures of companies and communication agencies as a great challenge with the aim of “addressing a world that has completely changed” and in which, consumers they have gone from being “isolated, innocent and predictable” to being “social, unbelieving and migratory .”

Lynn highlighted the great changes that are being experienced in a new scenario where ” Brands are no longer advertised, they are related ” but where, nevertheless, traditional advertising cannot be exported to new formats without undergoing “important changes”.

Sergio Maldonado, executive director of the web analysis agency MV Consultoría, threw some predictions and forecasts on the evolution of the internet globally as a medium that will surpass television in terms of audience volume in less than 20 years.


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