If you’d like to be notified about these Tonga B2B List messages, you can toggle “Push Notifications” to be alerted every time someone wants to contact you via Instagram DM. Reading your inbox is a great way to gather customer feedback. 2. Create polls Ever Tonga B2B List heard of ephemeral content? The term refers to content that can be viewed for a short period of time, such as 24 hours. This content uses people’s “fear not to be missed” (FOMO) and forces Tonga B2B List s them to keep checking for such content on Instagram (eg: Instagram Stories). When Instagram launched a new polling feature, users started interacting with other Instagrammers more frequently.

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For brands, this means another way to Tonga B2B List gather feedback. how? Let’s take a look at Sephora. Since the company offers a wide variety of beauty products, it is important to understand the needs and wants of customers. Therefore, marketers, Tonga B2B List decide to compare the most common products to see what is trending these days. Create engaging polls As a result, it helped the company learn more about Tonga B2B List trending products. Additionally, when marketers can see the list of people who voted, they can analyze the profiles of their prospects and find out more about their target audience. Now, to create engaging polls your followers will love, you must.

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Choose an appropriate Tonga B2B List background photo : Make sure the poll has a photo of your product. And if you want your followers to choose, show both options. The main idea is to visually represent the concept of polls Tonga B2B List Custom Polls : Write your own questions and provide fun poll choices. For example, you can add emojis in place of text.  So, you can encourage Tonga B2B List people to participate by offering them discounts, free items, surprises, and more. good news? People love to interact with brands, so it’s a pleasure to share ideas with you.

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