Top 10 users with the most tweets with a total of 403 tweets + retweets . We find guadaberardelli in the top 1, who added a large number of retweets during the day of the event. The congressmalaga profile is in fourth position with 148 tweets + retweets . As for the rest, we find marketers and Qatar Phone Number influencers from the sector. 6th malaga econgress top 10 users with more followers as for the twitter profiles . With the most followers who posted with the official tag, we found the following ranking. 6th malaga econgress within this top,.

We find profiles that have more than 100,000 followers on this social network. Including official profiles such as the “málaga city council” or “vive andalucía”. The hashtags of the vi econgress malaga in addition to tweeting with the hashtag #econgress18 or #econgress. Users have also done so using others Qatar Phone Number related to the topics discussed at the event, such as #personal branding,. Marketingdigital or #málaga. 6th malaga econgress #econgress18 trending topic the official hashtag . Of the vi econgress málaga was trending topic at a national level from 10 in the morning until 4:40 p.m., reaching the third position during the first hours.

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Engagement among the most successful Qatar phone number  content during the vi malaga econgress. We find tweets from marketers in the sector , from the event’s own profile or from marketing blogs. 6th malaga econgress type of tweets finally, regarding the published tweets . We verified that of the almost 1,500 tweets , a total of 853 were accompanied by images. The image continues to reign over videos or gif’s on this social network. A perfect hashtag for the congress. Totally related to the free software congress, with a good extension for twitter, easy to remember . It was distinguished from its predecessor by the year and.

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In addition, it includes capital letters in the first letter of each word. Which which makes it more memorable and remarkable in the sea of ​​labels that flood the little bird’s social network. Qatar Phone Number Social media analytics at openexpo18, a volume of no more and no less than a total of almost 2.70k tweets was reached , made by 1.20k unique users. Of these, 898 were original tweets (which gives us the clue that users preferred to share content made by other tweeters or companies present . At the event instead of launching their own). These posts reached nearly 14 million impressions.

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Look at the type of tweets that were shared the most, we see that those that included photos took the cake . While posts with links were the second most successful, although well below those that contained images. . Openexpo18 type tweets openexpo18: the analysis. Day by day as we Qatar Phone Number mentioned before, this year the number of retweets has . Been much higher than the number of original tweets on the two days in which the event has taken place, as we can see in this graph.

Openexpo18 per day although just barely, the first day, june 6, was the one . That accumulated the highest number of tweets and retweets , with 556 and 784 compared to 342 and 604 on day 7. Openexpo18 day 6 volume of tweets on june 6 openexpo18 day 7 volume of tweets on june 7 Qatar Phone Number as for engagement . We can see that the winning day was clearly the first. In the following image we can see how the engagement gradually decreases from june 6 to 7. It is something normal in the events. Since the first day usually attracts more attention.

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