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We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences IMF Business School ·Mexico Email List  Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Online or in person · Double degree · Up to 70% scholarship · Job and internship exchange Expressive, Traffic4u, and Nedstat organizers of the “Online Expert Forum 2008” event On May 8, the “Online Expert Forum 2008” took place at the Hotel Urban in Madrid with the aim of publicizing the progress and trends in online strategies and digital marketing .


The organizers: Expressive , Traffic4u , and Nedstat presented the keys to achieving the success of company websites and presented the most effective online business and communication strategies, as well as the benefits of online tools. success, around 100 visitors from the world of advertising marketing attended, media agencies and those interested in knowing how to develop effective online campaigns focused on return on investment (ROI). The turn of interventions was opened by Patrick Dost , head of Nedstat Spain , who after a brief introduction and presentation of the speakers, described the commercial business activity developed by Nedstat aimed at increasing the ROI online through the definition of KPIs and the use of web analytics.

This was followed by the turn of Jorge Fernández del Rey , from Traffic4U, which would explain the organic positioning mechanism in search engines and how to improve the situation in search results. During his presentation, he also revealed that in Spain, 97% of Internet users use the Google search engine, which means that the discussion on search engine marketing is almost exclusively framed by this search engine. During his presentation, Miguel de Reina , commercial director of Expressive , paid special attention to the future of advertising on the web TV and explained the most effective methods to be exploited by advertisers to increase the return on investment of advertising campaigns on the Internet . from the Nedstat speakers ,David Martín , would explain the process of obtaining information from the analysis of visits to a web page and how it affects to improve the visibility and sales of that page.


The forum was closed with José Antonio Belmonte, from Murcia Turística, who shared with the attendees the good results that Murcia Turística had reaped from the incorporation of the measurements of the Nedstat tools, which has led to a multiplicity of visits to the website, thus allowing the adjustment of the contents to the demands of the Internet users themselves. The Online Expert Forum 2008 aimed at all companies that invest in business and online communication and that need to analyze, control and optimize their online activities, resulted according to the attendees themselves “from great interest and very practical content ”and contributed to the positioning of Nedstat , Traffic4u and Expressive as expert references in their sectors.

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