In the world of online advertising, one of the great fears of brands and one of their fundamental concerns is that of brand safety. Marketers are terrified of what will happen to their brand reputation if their ads appear alongside questionable content. Papua New Guinea Email List It is not that it has not happened: it is that it has done it so many times in the framework of programmatic advertising that they are already well aware of all its risks. There is the YouTube scandal of a few years ago to understand and visualize it. For this reason, the reference media in particular and the news sites in general have an ace up their sleeve. They have their own reputation and very clear rules of what they publish and what not and how and why. Brands are very clear that they will not appear with problematic content or misinformation.

But that’s not the only advantage of the news media. They also bring a higher return for advertisers. In general, it can be concluded, as noted in Warc following the conclusions of the News works study, that the final return on buying advertising on news sites is greater than that offered by other advertising channels. As they point out, it is the channel that has a higher level of profit in the final result.

ROI data
Research demonstrated this positive impact by looking at what happened when investment in media campaigns was increased versus what happened if the same was done with campaigns in other advertising channels. Thus, raising investment in campaigns on print news sites from low levels increased the ROI of the campaign by 60%.

But the results are better if you invest in digital news media: in this case the rise is 62%. On the contrary, if you invest in more non-news channels, the growth of the return is not so abrupt or it can even function as a drag.

The problem is not only in losing that high return and that good data if that investment is not made, but also in what it means in general terms to neglect it. That is, not doing a good job of positioning yourself in the news media can lead to losing money, weighing down the results of the campaigns.

“There is a certain percentage of investment that should go to the news brands to offer an optimal benefit to the final result,” says Denise Turner, director of research and inisight of the firm responsible for the analysis. The investment redounds, he assures, in the general profit lines of the company.

Verticals such as leisure and pleasure (which includes supermarkets), “shiny new things” and “adult life products” benefit the most from this impact.

Brand image issue
The study is not the first – and surely it will not be the last – that affects the importance of prioritizing the news media when drawing up advertising investment budgets.

Now that contextual advertising is going to have a revival due to the decline of cookies, the issue becomes even more key and decisive. The content in which these ads are served transmit your brand perception to the campaigns themselves, which can lead to the data obtained being promoted or the brand perception to be improved.

Also, the news media has a considerable impact on how things are remembered. Advertising in premium media increases brand recall : spontaneous brand recall is 2.4 times higher when ads have been viewed in premium media and the overall brand boost is 1.4 times higher than they get on other advertising channels.

This was demonstrated by an Australian study that compared the effects of different channels to launch advertising.

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