Or especially too many results. To search Belgium B2B List more specifically among all those emails, you can search for example: attachments Has:drive, has:document, has:spreadsheet or has:presentation if you know what kind of document you are Bulgaria B2B List looking for Subject:subject x all mails with ‘subject x’ in the subject line Label:name label all mails with a certain label After:01/01/2022 for all emails after that date Before:01/01/2022 for all Belgium B2B List emails before that date Of course you can combine search terms with each other. Think of ‘ or ‘from:frank after:01/01/2022’. You can also search with ‘Has:document Filename:article’ on all emails containing a Google document with ‘article’ in the name.

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This option often comes in handy when I Bulgaria B2B List want to send someone a link to an article that is only online at a later time than when I compose the email. I will then schedule the shipment for after publication. This way I can deal with the email immediately and not forget it. The feature can also be useful if you don’t want to let the recipient know Bulgaria B2B List that you’re typing emails in the middle of the night. Or work in a different time zone and want to take into account the recipient’s office hours. Screenshot Schedule Sending in Gmail 4. Use Gmail Search Fortunately, you can also do a Googling in your inbox. The search function in Gmail is quite Belgium B2B List a useful tool, as long as you know how to use it. Because often just a name or search term does not yield the desired result.

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You do this via the ‘undo’ Bulgaria B2B List button (or hotkey z) that appears at the bottom left of your. Screen during sending To give yourself a little more time you can adjust the cancellation period i. Your general settings to a maximum of Belgium B2B List 30 seconds. Also read: Master your inbox with these 5 practical tips If you use this function, your mail will be opened again immediately so that you can edit it. Undo Send Screenshot 3. Schedule shipping Belgium B2B List Schedule sending’ is also a useful function. This is ‘hidden’ under the arrow in the send button.

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